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Bubblegummers: Shoes that Smell Like Bubblegum

Bubblegummers are new to me, but they aren’t a new brand. The Bubblegummers shoe brand has been around for generations and that means you really can trust their years of experience. 

I’ve loved working on their new “Gigantic Adventures” campaign, because every day with George is an adventure.

One of the best parts about becoming a Mom is watching a whole new world unfold through his fresh eyes. I love seeing the joy as he discovers what shells are, when he picks flowers (be still my Mama heart) or even when he stops, faces his face to the wind and smiles as the breeze ruffles through his hair. It’s such a reminder to enjoy the small things, that most of us take for granted.

When I thought about what grand adventures we could do, I realised that I was overthinking things and trying too hard to come up with something “gigantic.” The truth is, the adventures truly are every day. We run around on playgrounds, climbing jungle gyms, we splash in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa Pig), we explore rock pools, we run around on the beach looking for shells… George is a very busy toddler and I need his shoes to be able to keep up with him, and we certainly put them to the test.

Here is a video that we made:

Thanks so much to Royal Creatives, who filmed and edited this for me.

Why are Bubblegummers so special?

All products are designed with the highest standards of technology, so that children can enjoy activities with the comfort and safety necessary for development and exploration in the early stages of their lives.

They’re worn by generations of children who have lasting memories of their first pair of Bubblegummers. The shoes are fun, youthful and ensure healthy growth of children’s feet.

They have a special Bubble Grip, which reduces the risk of falling and stumbling, with non-slip inlays that help to maintain children’s stability. This is supported by an outsole design that allows greater adhesion to different types of surfaces.


They have Bubble Health, which means all Bubblegummers shoes have sanitised insoles to avoid odours caused by bacteria.

The Bubblegummers brand is characterised by a special scent – Bubblegum, making them really special. We know scent plays a big role in our memories and this creates that nostalgia.

Who can wear Bubblegummers?

Sizes range from toddler size 6 to 10 and kids’ size 11 to 3, for boys and girls.

Where can I buy Bubblegummers?

They’re available at Edgars stores and Zando:

Prices range from R299.95 to R399.95.

Even after getting wet, splashing in the rock pools, their grip was fantastic on the rocks and they sill had the bubblegum scent, after drying!


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