An Average Winter Afternoon

A few weeks ago, Sox and I were invited onto a friend of ours, Alon Kowen’s boat. We have been out on the boat a few times over the past 2 years and I adore it. It’s such a happy place for me. I love seeing the beauty of Cape Town, feeling the sunshine and wind whip through my hair, smelling that salty air and I’m like a little girl wanting to squeal in delight every time we go over the bumpy waves.

This particular afternoon was one of the most incredible experiences… We saw everything from a whale to seals feeding in a frenzy to a whole pod of dolphins who literally played with the boat. They swam right along side and underneath us for ages and then would do flips and then come straight back to the boat. It was amazing.

I took the GoPro with me and I’m so glad I did… I even tried to stick it in the water, which was fun because it would dip in and out of the ocean every time we would go over big waves. I was so unsure of what the clarity would be like and if we would get anything at all… I was amazed – you’ll have to watch.

It took me ages to edit the 3 hours of footage into a few minutes, so I’d love you to watch my video:

Here are some of the photos from that spectacular afternoon and I just kept thinking: “Wow! Wow! Wow! South Africa has some of the best beauty in the world!”

I feel particularly grateful for my eyesight to be able to see nature at it’s best and for the experience as a whole.

Don’t let the sunshiney images fool you… the wind was absolutely freezing and I couldn’t feel my toes afterwards – but it was all worth it.

I was admiring the view… oh and the mountains.

I’m not actually sure what I was doing here… but I must have been doing a seagull impression. Obviously.

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