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A simple omelette

We are in day 3 of Sugar Free September and I’m so thrilled with the response we have had so far! Karen, Emily and I are so excited to support you and be here for you guys.

I know it seems really hard, but it’s WORTH IT! Keep on pushing through. The cravings do calm down and the detox does end… The light at the end of the tunnel is there, I promise!

Keep referring to your free e-book for tips and Karen, Emily and I are all available for extra motivation and help! We’re all in this together and I really get what you’re going through having gone through it all myself!

I know a lot of people ask me what I eat for breakfast and besides the Banting granola I make, teamed with cinnamon and full cream Greek yoghurt, I really love eggs.

My favourite meal of the day is breakfast. I could eat breakfast all day long.

When I make eggs I either fry them, boil them or scramble them with cheese. I had completely forgotten about the omelette.

When we went to Legend Safari for the weekend with M-Net, we were re-introduced and I’ve been making them at home.

I love that you can throw in any filling and really get creative. It also helps with any left over veggies.

I had some peppers, mushrooms, baby tomatoes and cheese.

1. Chop veggies.

2. Crack eggs and add water or milk.

3. Whisk like mad! Extra arm workout.

4. Grate cheese

5. Heat a pan with butter or non flavoured coconut oil.

6. Pan fry mushrooms and pour egg into a frying pan

7. Fill with toppings. Sox get involved with the cheese…

8. Fold over.

9. Serve with a fresh cup of tea and a crack of sea salt and black pepper or a sprinkle of white pepper. You can add a fresh salad too and a slice of Banting bread if you want.

10. Enjoy and don’t forget to play with the strings of cheese!

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