12 Tips on How to Look After Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are one of my beauty secrets (or is it?)

I tried it as a once-off for a blog review and I’ve never really looked back. I have a fill every 3 or so weeks and I can’t imagine not having them.

Last time quite a few fell off because I had been extremely harsh on my eyes and I landed up with 2 or 3 lashes per eye. All my own eyelashes were still there, but they look so thin and blonde in comparison. I felt like my eye was completely naked.

Before eyelash extensions, I could never leave the house without mascara – I felt naked if I did. I would coat my own lashes with mascara – one coat, two coats, three coats. Not for the tarantula eye look, but for the volume and length.

Now I very rarely wear eye makeup at all during the day (depending on what I’m doing and where I’m going.)

In these photos below, I am only wearing a little bit of CC cream, eyebrow pencil and lipgloss. I’m not wearing any eye make-up at all.

If you do have eyelash extensions you will know that there are some tips in maintaining them. I don’t think it’s high maintenance at all, especially considering you never have to apply and remove mascara.

Obviously, when you have eyelash extensions done, they give you instructions on how to look after them… but here are a few extra tips from my own personal experience.

1.) First things first, please find a reputable technician. Just because they say they’ve “done it for years” doesn’t necessarily mean they are good. It’s exactly the same as normal hair extensions. Application and removal is what can damage your own hair/eyelash, not the extensions themselves.

2.) Do not use oil based anything. Get rid of your oily make-up removers. Oh and coconut oil lovers – apply the oil to your face, but be careful of your lash region.

Ensure your mascaras (if you’ll use them at all) and eyeliners are not oil based. The oil weakens the lash bond and they’ll all start to come off… Patchy eyelashes is not a good look.

I like using these make-up removers: My favourite is the Like Silk Eye Make-Up Remover. It’s non-oily and pH balanced. It’s also not tested on animals.

I have also tried the Luscious Lashes International Eye Make-Up Remover, specially made for extensions. I do find it to be more expensive in comparison to other non-oily removers though.

3.) If you are to use cotton wool, rather use cotton pads where the little fibres won’t get attached to your lashes. You don’t want to be pulling.

Cotton Pads

4.) Soak the pads in the oil free make-up remover and then hold the pad over your closed eyes and lashes for a few seconds. Allow the remover to sink in before gently moving downwards. Again, no rubbing.

5.) Do wash your face and your eyes. Your eyelids have a natural oil and if you don’t wash that away, the same will happen as mentioned above. The trick is not to rub your eyes. You shouldn’t do that, regardless of extensions or not. Very softly draw your finger tips over your eyes in a downwards motion (same as above.)

6.) Use the little brush they give you every day. It keeps your eyelashes neat and tidy.

7.) To prolong your lashes, there is a serum you can purchase – ask your technician. It strengthens your own lashes and protects the bonds, which could prolong your next fill. Win win. I am yet to try it, but I’ve heard girls rave about it.

8.) To curl your eyelashes upwards, warm your fingers up (you can rub them warm or carefully blow dry your fingers – don’t burn them, obviously) and then hold them underneath your lashes and gently push them up as if you are brushing them. Your fingers become a human eyelash curler

9.) As tempting as it is, do not pull out a stray, straggly lash. Individual lashes can drop or turn in the wrong direction. Rather than pull, try to turn them to lie in the right position. Using your lash brush will help too.

10.) Go for fills as soon as you need to, don’t wait for your eyelashes to look straggly, patchy or bare.

11.) Ask the technician to be honest with the state of your eyelashes. I’m very nervous of damage and I’d rather she tell me that my eyelashes look weak and need a break, than keep applying them.

Oh and just so you know, I’ve not had to a take a break. My lashes haven’t broken at all and are still strong. I still ask though and by ask I mean that I double check and triple check every. single. time.

12.) If you like sleeping in the foetal position, like I do, I tend to squish my face into a pillow – depending on which side you sleep, you may tend to find that eye will lose lashes faster than the other. Something as simple as pulling the pillow to the edge of your temple so that your eye isn’t pressed into the pillow will preserve them – plus it’s better to prevent wrinkles too.

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    Yes I agree. Brush your lashes when it is needed. Over brushing can result in faster fallout due to pulling and tugging.

    November 30, 2017 at 5:01 am
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