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Legendairy Breast Milk Supplements

My baby boy, Alexi, turned 7 months over the weekend and I cannot believe it. Even with the slower pace of the world social distancing from the Covid-19 Pandemic, time has still somehow managed to whizz by.

I cannot believe that I am still breastfeeding. I say this because if you knew the challenges I went through to get to this point, you’d be as surprised as me. Breastfeeding is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’m still wanting to write a post about my journey, but it’s so emotional that it’s actually hard to. I will when I’m ready.

I will give you a little insight though (and a little back story… you may want to grab a cup of tea.)

I was pretty devastated when I couldn’t breastfeed my first baby. George just never latched and boy did we try! I had very low milk supply, despite being on Eglanol/Espiride, and I expressed his every feed (every 3 hours for 7 months.) I never made enough for a full feed, so he was topped up with formula and I certainly never made enough to pop extra milk in the fridge/freezer. It was so much work, I still don’t know how I kept it up for so long.

Second time around, when I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to try breastfeeding again and was also realistic that if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be able to do the same amount of work that expressing needs, with a toddler. It is A LOT of work. I felt a little anxious about it, but then I came around and realised: There is no point worrying about something that’s out of my control. If Alexi can’t breastfeed like George, I will express when and if I can so that he can have some breastmilk, but otherwise he will just be on formula. At the end of the day: FED IS BEST.

Alexi was born hungry. He came out with such a feisty cry and didn’t stop crying until I attempted our first breastfeed while I was in the recovery room after my C-section. He latched straight away – not perfectly, but he was able!

Despite the challenges, he was able to breastfeed and we persevered together. I went onto Eglanol/Espiride again and somehow, this time around I had enough milk and didn’t need to top Alexi up with formula. I got a script for 6 months and around month 5, I knew that I didn’t want to be on the tablets anymore. I obviously didn’t want my milk supply to drop either, but I knew I couldn’t fill another script for more. I was listening to my body.

My lactation specialist had told me about Legendairy Milk supplements that are from the United States. Their products are designed to promote milk production whether you’re nursing, pumping or doing a combination on both. I wanted to look into them, but weaning off Eglanol played a little havoc on me and I never got round to it. So imagine my surprise when 2 weeks later, I had a wonderful DM in my Instagram Inbox from Legendairy Milk South Africa! It was just meant to be.

I received their 3 products and wanted to give each product a good go to really test them out and give my honest opinion.

Legendairy Milk (what a clever name) have 3 products that are all herbal and natural capsules. While some of their products may contain similar ingredients, they each have a different main ingredient so you may not have the same experience with each.

I really think it’s important to try all 3 products so that you can figure out what works best for you. I say this because we all react differently to the herbs and what works for you, might not have the same impact on me and vice versa. The Best Budget Bundle is a great starter pack!

The packaging is also adorable, isn’t it?

Something that I noticed straight away is that their capsules are Fenugreek free. I must admit I was relieved. When I really struggled with my milk supply with George, I was doing EVERYTHING! I was drinking Jungle Juice (and gaining weight from all the crazy amounts of sugar), taking Fenugreek pills, making Fenugreek tea, you name it I was trying it, with not much luck.

When I took Fenugreek it made me really smelly. It was awful. I sweat the stuff and would have this lingering smell wherever I went, which was so unpleasant that I stopped it straight away.

On their website they explain why they’re Fenugreek free and I thought I’d share it:

I decided to really give each product a good go so that I could see if this worked for me or not. I’ve said this often… I WISH Boobs were transparent, with little measuring markers so we could see how much milk we actually made. Funny how one of the many slang words for breasts are “jugs.” If only.

My only gauge to really see is the one bottle I express. I breastfeed every feed, but the one where I am at work. That feed is what I express, while I’m doing my radio show. I get home, pop it in the fridge and Alexi then gets that bottle the next morning (while I’m pumping.)

This pic is taken in the lift, going up to the 7th floor. I’ve often been asked what is in my little yellow cooler box (which is always featured in my lift selfies.) I think people want to hear about some delicious lunch… but it’s my breast pump!

I’m certainly no milk machine and have made just enough. The most I’ve ever made is anywhere between 120ml – 180ml. When I weaned off Eglanol my milk went to 60-80mls.

I started with Liquid Gold:

My milk went back up on this and I was really thrilled.

I have a stud boob (right) and a dud boob (left.)

The pics below are from different days. 
Liquid Gold was great for me. I finished the bottle and moved onto Milkapalooza.

My milk dropped a bit on this, which just showed me that this combo of herbs weren’t the right fit for me. 

I then moved onto Pump Princess.

My milk shot right back up again and I was back to pumping higher volumes…

I’m so glad I tried all 3 to figure out which one works best. For me personally, it’s:

Pump Princess and Liquid Gold.

I know other Mom’s though who’s number 1 is the Milkapalooza, so it really does depend on your body.

I’ve ordered the large bottle of Pump Princess (the large bottles are on sale at the moment) and I even cheekily used my discount code, which is available to everyone.
If you want 10% off, use the code: BAILEYSCHNEIDER when you shop online at

PS. Is there anything cuter than a milk drunk baby?

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  • Reply Alexandria

    Thanks for sharing this! I go back to work soon and I’m going to need to start pumping… I’ve been so nervous because my milk supply has been great! At least I now have an option should it drop.

    Well done on breastfeeding for 7 months

    July 2, 2020 at 4:59 pm
  • Reply Candice

    This is amazing I’m going to definitely try these supps out , thanks for your insight I too struggle with milk flow and volume .
    I’m on Espiride as well and I’m looking for an alternative.
    Super excited for this!

    July 2, 2020 at 7:44 pm
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