I’m Smitten

I’m absolutely smitten with Smittens. When I first heard about these special cloths I originally didn’t think they could be any different from an ordinary face cloth. How very wrong I was.

Now guys, before you click off this post thinking it’s only for woman… Read on.

I ordinarily use a face cloth to wet my face, then I put on my facial cleanser and wash it off with splashes of water and wipe off the remaining cleanser with my face cloth.

Almost 98% of the time I still have to use an eye make-up remover to get rid of the stubborn bits of eyeliner or make up.

That was until I was introduced to the Smitten.

What is it you ask?

I’m so excited to share this with you. Smittens are baby pink face cleansing mittens that truly do work like magic. It cleans your skin using only warm water. The cloths microfibres attract and remove oil, make-up and bacteria. It also exfoliates beautifully without being harsh – this is great for sensitive skins out there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t forgo your cleanser all together, but it honestly doesn’t need a cleanser. I just like adding a cleanser for a thorough cleanse and well, because I love my cleanser.

The great thing about this fabric is it also doesn’t hold dirt, bacteria or make-up. I changed all my facecloths to darker navy’s and even black because my white face cloths were getting stained.

When you wash the Smittens with soap, it cleans completely and looks brand new again.

They are reusable, but you should replace them every 3 months to ensure the fabric is in peak condition.

They come in a plastic re-sealable pouch which is fantastic for traveling.

OK guys, I didn’t forget about you. Let me introduce the Smitt. The Smitt is a white microfibre mitten  just for men.

Men’s most common facial skin care issues are: Neglect, ingrown hairs, too oily or too dry skin, blackheads/large pores, acne, uneven skin tone and aging.

Did you know that mens skin is oilier than women due to the production of testosterone?

Some good news though… Men’s skin is also 20%-30% thicker than women’s skin & therefore tends to be more age-defiant. The challenge for men is to ensure proper skin nutrition, care & maintenance.

I gave a Smitt to Sox to try and at first he looked at me like I had crawled out of cheese.

He washes his face, but when it comes to face cloths, erm Smitts, it’s definitely something new to him.

I asked him to just try it and give me feedback and he’s said he absolutely loves it. He might even love his more than I love mine… that’s saying a lot!

Men keep one in your gym bag for your shower – you’ll be amazed at how much dirt comes off your face after a gym session.

Smitty is the white smitten for babies. This is a super soft microfibre that feels like a real fluffy towel but cleans magically. Smitty’s are hypoallergenic & the perfect choice in infant care as they are safe for children of all ages.

They are also brilliant for nappy changes and even as a drool cloth for teething babies, since it’s 3x more absorbent than a terry cloth or sponge.

How much is this magical cloth?

R100 and worth every cent.

There are so many places you can purchase the Smittens, Smitts and Smittys so instead of me singling every one out, click here: Stockists in South Africa

Today I have an awesome giveaway of 5 Smittys, 5 Smitts and 5 Smittens.

Please leave a comment on my blog letting me know which one you would love!

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