Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year! A new year always has an air of excitement, of possibility, fresh opportunities and of adventures awaiting us.

For the first time in my adult life, I stayed at home on New Years Eve.

I had been invited to 3 parties, but I can’t explain it… I just didn’t feel like being social. I had a longing to spend the time on my own (with George sleeping) reflecting on the past year and preparing for 2018 with a vision board/diary. It felt really good.

Sox was DJing at Cafe Caprice, so before he went to work, we popped a bottle of champagne and shared a cheese board for the 2 of us.

He went off to work and I settled in with another glass of champagne and my fresh 2018 journal where I created a vision board. I felt like a teenager with her diary; it was pretty awesome actually.

2 things happened that was unexpected…

  1. I stubbed my right pinky toe into a chest of drawers so badly that I actually saw stars. This was before the champagne. Sigh. I don’t know if I’ve broken it or it’s just severely sprained, but all I know is it hurts so badly and I’ve hobbled into 2018. Instead of my face mask, I sat on the couch icing my toe feeling a little sorry for myself.
  2. As much as I really enjoyed my me-time, it felt a little strange not to have a big, loud count-down and shouting out “Happy New Year!” In fact, I had looked at my watch at 23:45 and knew I had 15 minutes to go… but I missed it completely and only realised it was new year at 00:03 when my phone rang. While I am happy I experienced a New Year like this, there definitely is merit to sending off a year with a bit of a celebration!

So, did I wake up fresh on New Years morning?

Unfortunately not.

Georgie had other ideas… at 00:30, he woke up for his milk and decided New Years was “too fun” and wouldn’t go back to sleep. He niggled and woke up every hour, which was really fun when I had to hobble with my swollen toe backwards and forwards between my bedroom and his nursery. I definitely think he is teething, even though there is no tooth yet.

When Sox got home at 4am, he very sweetly did our own countdown to a kiss!

Sleep was short-lived because at 07h10, we were awake thanks to this little guy… His cuddles are the best though, so we never really mind.

New Years Day in the Greek tradition is quite fun. We headed to my Mom in Law, Dimitra where she had made a delicious moussaka and a Vasilopita cake. There is a coin placed inside the cake, it’s sliced and whoever gets the coin is said to get good fortune for the year. This year Dimitra got the coin!

George hanging out with his cousin, Yiorgos.

That evening, we headed to Col’ Cacchio to celebrate our good friend Marc’s birthday!

Other than the stubbed, throbbing toe, I’ve had a pretty good, simple start to 2018!



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