Duke’s 1st Bath

Forgive me for sounding like Duke is my child…. but in my reality, that’s exactly what he feels like. He’s my baby and I adore him. It was time for his first bath last week and something that he needs to get used to because this is going to be a regular occurrence . G and I weren’t sure what to expect – was he going to hate it? Wriggle around? Shake water everywhere?

There was only one way to find out and quite frankly, he now a million-times-over stamps his title of “SUPER PUP!”

He stood in the bath, while G had luke warm water gently spraying out all over him. We held his head up so no water or soap would go in his eyes and then gently washed his little squashed up cutie-pie face, which he completely allowed. He even lifted his own paws for us so we could really wash him properly. What a little champion. He thought it was proper game when we dried him with his towel though and I don’t think the towel made it out alive.

Where was I during all of this? Doing what I do best..photographing it all! Poor Greg and Duke.

PS. He still has his delicious puppy breath. Love it

Have a wonderful weekend everyone… Enjoy it!

PS. Tomorrow is the start of Aquarius, my birth sign! My birthday is just over 2 weeks away. Yay.


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