BB does Q+A

Allow me to introduce you to Being Brazen… I have adored her blog for ages

She is full of fun, inspiration and it looks like we have a lot in common (especially in being able to be bribed by Chanel;-) 

I particularly love her “About Me” which reads: “I am a daydreamer, a book junkie, a red wine drinker, a skilled mall walker, a compulsive shopper, a dog person, a word lover, a tree hugger, a TV addict, a complete romantic and rather quirky. I stumble in stilettos. I can be bribed with Chanel. I make a lot of lists. I like to write. I have a lot of faith. I love pretty pictures. This blog helps me not talk to myself as much. I currently live in CAPE TOWN, South Africa :)”

I sent her my Q+A and made her begged her to answer.

1. What made you get into blogging? While I’ve always loved to write and ramble, it was actually My Boyf who suggested I start a blog. I was a bit reluctant at first, but since starting my blog I have been loving it and finding so much inspiration and happiness from being part of Bloggyland.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere I look – vague, but true.

3. What makes you tick?
Thats such a difficult question actually – hmmm, at the moment I think I am running on caffeine  so that’s helping me “tick”

4. Describe yourself in one sentence or 6 words:
 I’m  the kind of girl that’s hard to describe in one sentence or 6 words *winks*

5. What would be the one must-see place you would take someone who was visiting your home town for the first time? Kalk Bay. I grew up in the “deep south” of Cape Town and that area has always been one of my absolute favourites.

6. What is one of your dreams that you haven’t completed yet? To write a novel.


7. Complete the sentence: I am happiest when… when i allow myself to be.

8. I get really annoyed by…
so much more than I should.

9. I can’t live without… God, love and words.

10. If money was no object I would… always be traveling.

You’re only allowed to pick one:

1. Lace or leather – I love both madly right now – but since I have to, I will go with leather.

2. Pizza or pasta – Pizza always
3. iPhone or Blackberry –
Nokia 🙂

4. Pearls or Diamonds – Diamonds
5. Jimmy Choo/ Christian Louboutin –
Jimmy Choo

6. Paris/ New York – I want to hang out in both, but I’ll go with New York today

7. Kittens/puppies – Puppies, Im convinced cats are plotting against people 😉
8. Rock Star/ Pop Star –
Rock Star

I love her answers 🙂  

Thanks Being Brazen – you are a ROCK STAR!!

The Many Faces of Being Brazen – isn’t she gorgeous?

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