Baby Shower

Some of you may have read this blog post when I posted it and some of you may have missed it. I posted it up after getting permission from Karolina and then when she saw it live, she quickly asked if I would mind taking it down until baby was born… I blame preggy brain! Haha.

I can now share this post with you 😉

Karolina is my best friend and my soul sister. We have been friends for over 13 years now and we have been pretty inseparable… well, until I moved away to Cape Town. Our friendship actually grew stronger, believe it or not, because suddenly we appreciate each other even more now that we can’t just pop around to see one another as easily as before.

I was one of the first people to find out she was pregnant, before she told everyone at the safe 12 week mark and I kept the blessing secretly safe. I also happened to know before she even did. I had a premonition that she was pregnant and it was 100% accurate.

I threw the baby shower for her when she was +/- 5 weeks away from becoming a new mom and I couldn’t be happier or more excited. I swear you would think that this baby was mine… I am as excited as if it were.

I planned Karolina and Filip’s baby shower all the way from Cape Town. Karolina decided that she wanted to include partners and children. Guys always get left out of the baby shower, but since Fil is so excited to become a dad, we just had to include them. Having the men around was absolutely awesome and I think it should become a new tradition.

I flew up the Thursday before with more decor in my suitcase, than clothing. I ran around finalising the last details on Friday and Saturday,whilst also catching up with my family, Duke and other friends. I also went wedding dress shopping with my sister, who is getting married next year. Gosh these are exciting times.

On Sunday I arrived at the clubhouse where we were having the party to set up and ensure everything was ready.

The normal balloons and 3 giant balloons were all helium filled and I had thought I’d brought a duvet cover to transport the balloons, but in fact I’d grabbed a fitted sheet.


So if you saw a car on the road (on the 28th of July) filled with blue balloons, that was me!

Only the people close to K and Fil have known the sex of the baby, but after social media yesterday and the blog today (ahem…I got permission first – this is what I wrote in the first blog post) it’s very exciting to know that they are having a baby boy.

I created paper pom poms and other pretty paper decor, which Fil helped hang up, along with the Bunting flags…

We had tea and coffee set up, and I also decided that instead of having several glasses for juice and blue punch, each person would get their own juice jar to refill.

I bought the jars and placed a chalkboard sticker onto each one.

I popped a colourful straw in each one…

Ingrid helped me with the blue punch… Lemonade, pineapple, lemon slices and a touch of blue…

I had chalk next to a charcoal board that said: Take a Jar, write your name. Fill and Repeat.

Everyone got stuck into writing their names in chalk and sipping on the deliciousness. Well done Ingi for the yum punch!

I love Spiro’s concentration…

The savoury food was fresh and delicious too… It took me hours.

Just kidding.

For our sweet tooth lovers, I created a cupcake bar. I had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and a variety of toppings… sprinkles (100s & 1000s), Flake, Crushed Oreo’s and Smarties.

This was a hit with everyone… especially the little ones who loved decorating their own cupcakes.

I arranged a popcorn machine with a chalkboard sign saying: Karolina’s About to Pop. Help yourself to Popcorn.

Corny I know.

Excuse the pun.

The fail of the day most entertaining part was the candy floss machine. I had arranged a candy floss machine to make blue candy floss. We never got one proper candy floss stick. It was all a little forlorn and sad looking, but boy it made us laugh. The man who was creating the sticks had more in the air and on his beanie than on the stick. It was quite funny and the kids loved it at the end of the day.

The weather ended up being absolutely stunning too and we all ate, drank, chatted and rubbed K’s tummy a few times each. This baby boy is already so incredibly loved.

Hanna (K’s mom), Karolina and I
I do this A LOT!

I know baby showers don’t really have speeches, but hell, I talk for a living and I had to say a few words on such a special occasion. I presented them with something very special and sentimental. It was something that every person had contributed towards. Something that money can’t buy and something that will be special to them as a family forever.

We did a group photo of smiles and silly faces. You can spot our group of mates… we are the only ones pulling the faces.

As people left, the ladies didn’t go home empty handed. I had party favours in a basket… Gorgeous blue Catrice nail polishes for the girls to Paint the Town Blue


After the party, we took all Filip and Karolina’s presents for Baby Rafalski to their house, where a few of us had tea and watched her open the gifts with several “Ooohs and aaahs” and “Oh how cute!!”

It’s safe to say that this baby is already so spoilt and it’s so well deserved.

It was a great honour to throw this Baby Shower for Filip and Karolina and I hope they know how incredibly special they are and how loved they are by everyone.

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