Winter layers

I am definitely a Summer baby. I hate complaining, but my goodness it is freezing. I am constantly cold and shivering. I know it’s fashionable to layer clothes, but I don’t think I’ve got that right. I just look like the Michelin Man instead. Not an attractive look.

I think the hardest part is trying to get up in the morning. It’s normally still dark and icy. I like to train in the mornings as it gets my day going and kicks my metabolism into gear.

I’m carrying on with the USN Challenge so that by the time Summer arrives and we peel away those layers I will have a great bikini bod and will have achieved my ultimate goal.

Expresso Show are filming me over the next few weeks and they came to one of my training sessions at 05h30. Yes. Madness, I know, but it works for me.

It was such a cold morning and as we were running, the cold air hit my lungs hard. Nothing like having a camera in your face, trying to smile and look like your nose isn’t running from the icy conditions. Awesome.

If you missed the show, here is the clip:

Afterwards my friend Graeme Richards and Gareth Powell had a hot, well needed coffee and breakfast where we filmed the interview too.

It’s funny – I look at the before pictures now and even the footage they took of me being weighed in my bikini and I absolutely cringe, but then I’m reminded that I don’t look like that anymore. The muffin top is gone, the love handles are gone, the rolls are gone. It’s amazing… No wonder I’m so cold this winter. Haha.

I can’t ever imagine going back to the way I was and I also can’t believe it only took 12 weeks.

Here is the clip:


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