What Winter? (Don’t jinx it)

When I told people I would be relocating to Cape Town… in Winter, they all looked at me as if I had just given them a lemon to chew on.

I got comments like these:

“Winter? Ooooh that’s brave!”

“Are you crazy? You’ll end up hating Cape Town!”

“If you survive your first Winter there, you’ll never leave Cape Town. If you survive…”

I had visited Cape Town last year during Winter – my first time ever and I actually loved the cold gloomy weather, yes, even the rain. I found it romantic and mystical as the mist rolled over the ocean and the mountains. I was told that I only enjoyed it because I was visiting for a few days and then leaving to go back to Johannesburg’s dry crisp cold.

I disagree.

Well, I don’t want to jinx anything, ahem… and if you will, allow me this little “modest” moment…but… “Little Miss Sunshine” moved down during Winter and everyone in Cape Town has said how it’s been their mildest Winter yet and their sunniest. #JustSaying.

You’re welcome Cape Town… your’e welcome.


OK seriously though, there have been cold days and there have been rainy days, but not weeks of rain like I was warned about.

This week has been really amazing… I truly don’t want to jinx it though because this weeks weather forecast shows rain and cold weather, so I’ve appreciated these few days. Perhaps I’ll be able to wear those beanies after all.

PS. I have no doubt that gym sales went up this past week. I know I got a jolt when I had to take off the layers!

Summer is coming soon! I actually can’t wait.

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