Travel Diary Day 2 On-board the MSC Opera

I wrote my blog post in bed and then jumped up for a shower and breakfast!

We headed to the buffet and helped ourselves to cold meats, cheeses, a hot breakfast and coffee.

There were a number of excursions we could choose from and we decided to get the shuttle into the Central Market and to the Independence Square (Praça De Independêcia)

I’m so glad it was a partly cloudy day because it made the stifling heat bearable.

As we got off the shuttle, we were bombarded by vendors selling everything from their wooden crafts, bead work, bangles, Mozambique shirts and even cell phones.

The Central market was a buzz of colourful fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and loud bartering.

If it’s not fresh produce you’re after, you will find stores selling hair – weaves, wigs and extensions. The one guy tried to get me to buy a weave and was convinced he had my colour. He was very far off.

We bought half a kg of fresh cashew nuts and went on our merry way.

The pretty rainbow building only seen through polarised Rayban sunglasses
The next shuttle took us to the Praça De Independêcia where everything was in walking distance. We saw the new statue to Samora Machel, which was unveiled on the 19 October 2011, 25 years after his death.

We also went into the Town Hall. I absolutely loved the marble staircases, opulent chandeliers and the arched doorways.

To the left of the Town Hall was the majestic Cathedral, with it’s stained glass windows and beautiful energy.

Just down the road was Radio Mozambique. I tried to visit the station and get a tour but you needed a written letter and we didn’t have enough time for that.

We eventually headed back to the MSC Opera which looked huge against the small dwellings at the port.

I don’t know what it is about this cruise, but the gentle swaying honestly rocks me to sleep and we had yet another afternoon nap. I obviously need the sleep and I’m certainly capitalizing.

After a refreshing snooze, we went on deck where there was music and games being played. People sunning themselves on the loungers, drinking cocktails and enjoying the 24 hour bottomless/never ending pizza.

I went to the coffee and tea station, poured us mugs and we headed back to our cabin to enjoy it on the balcony.

We decided to have another walk around and discovered the Duty Free shopping area. I tried on watches, jewellery, sparkly dresses, designer handbags and Sox found himself in the watches section.

White diamonds, black diamonds and espresso diamonds


Ironically, we lost track of time and suddenly realized we had a few minutes to get ready for the Gala dinner.
We made it just in time and ordered our wine and meals.

After dinner we hit the casino again, but weren’t as lucky as the night before.

Ingrid, Sox and I went back up on deck for a drink at the bar and then a night cap at the Aroma Café.

Eventually it was time for bed and we had this lovely towelled creature waiting for us.

All I remember, is putting my head on the pillow and waking up the following morning with a soft knock at our cabin door. Fresh coffee had arrived and we sat out on the balcony watching the boats of staff head off for the Portuguese Islands. Today is going to be a beautiful day at the Island, so if you’ll excuse me. It’s time to get into my bikini and lather myself in suntan lotion.

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