The Duke

What a way to start the New Year… Greg and I became proud parents of a Fur Baby! That’s right… We finally got our little Bulldog Puppy! You may recall that I was really wanting and hoping and wishing for a Bulldog puppy a while back. Read here

Say hello to Duke … Duke Schneider-Parkin.

I am in love. We drove out to Fochville in the Free State – an hour out of Johannesburg on the 31st of December to “look” at the breeders. I’m a firm believer that pets choose YOU… not the other way around, so with that in mind, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Little Duke stole not only my heart but Greg’s heart too. He was the biggest pup and has the most feisty nature. He also grins – he just smiled and smiled at us and kept licking our hands or nibbling on our fingers. He even fell asleep on my chest. *Swoon.*

We decided not to take him right there and then. It’s cruel to bring home a puppy to a new environment and then leave him all alone while we went to our New Years Party – plus, since we were only “looking” … we were unprepared.

We returned home and bought him bowls, chew toys, his own bed, puppy food, lean mince, rice and so on.

We were ready for his arrival on New Years Day.

Greg and I are like proud parents… Greg drove and I sat in the back with puppy in his own little bed. He played and slept the whole way home with no “accidents.” What a little pleasure already.

His little legs are still unstable and it’s too funny and adorable watching him trying to balance and stabilize himself. As for his puppy breath… I have no words to describe how deliciously divine it is 🙂

He has settled in beautifully. Loves my garden and has even found his cool spot – under a small bush… in the mud. Lovely.

My boys

What a way to bring in the New Year.

I really hope 2012 is a prosperous, fulfilling, successful, abundant and joyful year. I have a fantastic feeling about it – I think it is going to be a year of positive changes, open minds and new adventures 🙂


Having an afternoon nap with my boy


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