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Thankful Thursdays: Friends with cupcake stores

Being thankful means being thankful for the big things and the small things… We should never discount anything.

Today I am simply thankful for my amazing friend, Robyn and her cupcake store. I am so proud of my friend who has taken the risk to follow her dream… I’m thankful because it’s inspiring. She has followed her heart and poured her passion, hard work and determination into creating a successful store. There are very few people who can honestly say they are doing what they absolutely love doing and always dreamed of doing.

And… let’s not sugar coat it… um…frosting coat it… I’m thankful for the delicious cupcakes and coffee I get to sample. I’m not so thankful,  for the increasing waistline, but let’s ignore that part…for now.

Rubinella Cupcake store

I adore cupcakes. I just think they are just the cutest things out.

I’ve spoken about Rubinella Cupcakes before but I wanted to show you how cute her shop is. Robyn and her boyfriend Cameron decided to open up a cupcake and flower shop in Melville. Fresh cupcakes and fresh flowers, fresh coffee all day long – well, you just don’t get better. The store has such a beautiful energy to it and I just love the pressed ceilings and magical decor. It almost makes me feel like I’ve entered Alice in Wonderland.

Her cupcakes are just delicious with different flavours. I’m a little biased here, but the Bailey cupcake, named after yours truly is yummy. It’s Honeycomb and Horlicks. You also get Caramel Cheesecake, Chocolate cherry, Creamsoda & Astros and Coconut lime just to name a few.


Great: Creamsoda and Astros cupcake
Even Better: Creamsoda & Astros cupcake AND COFFEE

The chalk board menu 🙂
I love the Wall of Gifts


Sit outside feeling like Mary Poppins while you wash your cupcakes down with coffee
Have beautiful flower arrangements made for you

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone.

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