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Take Charge

I was a very lucky and spoilt girl yesterday! It started at the 2Oceansvibe Radio studios where Jana from Brandnew Lifestyle arrived with a gift. The first thing I noticed was the gorgeous pineapple packaging.

As I opened up the box, I discovered another beautifully wrapped gift with a little hand written note from my dear friend, Tam.

Inside I discovered a beautiful, soft leather Take Charge purse in hot pink and cream. This alone is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s what’s inside that turns this luxury genuine leather purse into a busy girls dream.

Take Charge is equipped with a micro USB port and iPhone adapter and is compatible with most smartphones, including all modern Samsungs, Blackberry and iPhones.

How many times have you been on the go and your phones battery is dead or nearly dead? This happens to me almost daily.

This is brilliant.

Take Charge has a slim battery design that’s been cleverly placed in a secret slip-pocket inside the bag, keeping it safe and out of the way.

Oh and guys, don’t feel left out. Take Charge might have a wonderful range of genuine leather handbags and purses, but they also have an iPad collection too.

Here are the options:

1.) A two-toned purse for the grab-and-go. This is the purse I have and you can either use it as a stand alone clutch or pop it into your main handbag.

2.) A beautiful fold-over clutch bag for an evening out.

3.) A stylish iPad mini or iPad 5 Envelope

4.) A full leather iPad sleeve that doesn’t have the words “man-bag” written anywhere on it.

They come in a variety of fashionable, on-trend summer designs and colours, perfect for fashionably adding a pop of colour to your outfit.

I absolutely adore that there’s also an optional extra of personalising a bag for a gift (or even yourself.)

Hello Christmas and Birthday presents!

This is such a thoughtful, beautiful and useful gift and I’m so proud and excited for my friend Tam, who has created Take Charge. Well done, you beauty!

An extra bonus and something I truly appreciate… This is crafted in Cape Town, South Africa.

When I got home with my gift, Sox arrived home with food. He called me into the kitchen and asked me to start unpacking whilst he got out plates. As I opened up the packet, there was an iPhone 6 box sitting on top. I looked at it for a second, pulled it out and stated the obvious: “Um, there’s an iPhone 6 here!”

“It’s your early Christmas present!” Sox grinned at me. “I couldn’t wait until Christmas and I knew it would be pointless to keep something that you could be using right now, in the cupboard for a whole month! I got it in the gold for you, because I know you’ve always loved that!”

I love his logic and I couldn’t stop gushing!

What a super duper spoilt girl!

I immediately tested it out… in my Take Charge!

Take Charge is available exclusively at and they deliver! Quick get your orders in just before Christmas!

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