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Turning 30 in February has really made me look at life differently. It made me reassess my life, where I was career wise, personally, spiritually, mentally, physically and it has spurred me to make some changes.

Some of them have been big changes and others have been little. Either way, they are good and exciting.

I thought I’d tell you about a little change of mine, since I’ve spoken about such big changes this week. A little change that is making a big difference.

I have become more aware of my skin than ever before. I found myself pouring over my skin in one of those close up mirrors the other day. It was like a morbid fascination. Those mirrors are horrid and scary. So scary in fact, it’s made me sit up and do something about it. Enough said.

I’ve been introduced to Skin Science that works with Stem Cell technology.

Stem Cells are the most important cells in the skin and as we get older, the number and activity of our stem cells is reduced. Skin Science uses plant stem cells – taken from a specially grown, extremely rare apple in Switzerland called the “Uttweiler Spatlauber” apples. It has been proven that they repair skin stem cells so it slows down and delays the ageing process.

Yes please!

Here is the range:

Invigorating Foaming Cleanser – it has a light apple fragrance and gives a deep cleanse while initiating the repair process.

Stimulating Facial Spritzer – this tones, refreshes and restores the PH balance. It also prepares the skin for optimum product penetration.

Revitalising Day Cream SPF20 – this is perfect for all skin types, protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause ageing and pigmentation.

Radiant Eye Serum – this has high percentage of the active ingredient PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica – don’t worry too much about that – what it means is it significantly improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Renewing Night Serum – It’s non-oily and repairs damaged cells whilst you sleep.

Rejuvenating Enzyme Exfoliator – it containts fruit enzymes and that PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica that lifts and gently peels away old dry skin, revealing new radiant skin.

I am absolutely loving the range and while I have only used it for one week, I can certainly feel and see a difference. My skin feels better, tighter and it looks more radiant.

I am also so impressed with the price. The minute I see all these active ingredients, hear about special stem cells coming from Switzerland I immediately think goodbye salary.

Skin Science want skin care to be accessible and affordable. You can purchase the product at selected Dischem stores and selected salons.

Here are the prices:

Invigorating Foaming Cleanser – R99.99

Stimulating Facial Spritzer – R99.99

Revitalising Day Cream SPF20 – R129.99

Radiant Eye Serum – R129.99

Renewing Night Serum  – R129.99

Rejuvenating Enzyme Exfoliator – R129.99

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