Sox’s Birthday

It was my fiance’s birthday on the 31st of January! I think I was more excited than he was and I woke up first and then patiently impatiently waited for him to wake up so that I could bring him his cappuccino and birthday gifts. I had actually ordered his main gift but it never arrived in time. Sigh. It has arrived today, so I’ll be giving it to him tonight.

On Saturday I had called the Chapmans Peak Hotel to book a table for 20 as a surprise birthday lunch. I wish I had asked who I had spoken to, but the man on the phone told me that while they couldn’t make an actual reservation for me, they would definitely be able to accommodate me now that they know a table of that size is arriving at 1pm. I arranged everything with all the friends and on Sunday I suggested to Sox that we go for a drive!

On arrival, I was told quite rudely that they were full and couldn’t accommodate me. I was dumbfounded. They asked who I had spoken to and of course, I couldn’t tell them.

So unbelievably disappointing. I had to ruin the surprise and tell Sox what had happened, but he was still excited and helped me with arranging a new place.

Thank goodness for Spiro’s down the road in Hout Bay. It was completely full outside because of the weather, but luckily they had a private section for us inside. They were so accommodating and wonderful!

The staff were so awesome and came in singing and dancing!

So if you follow me on Snapchat or if you follow Sox on Instagram, you’ll know that Sox always posts the most unflattering pics of me. He finds it hilarious. Me? Not so much.

I’m usually the one taking the pics and trying to capture moments, so I’m very rarely in pics unless it’s a bloody selfie or I’ve begged him to become an Instagram Husband. If you haven’t seen the hilarious Instagram Husband video, do yourself a favour.

Anyway, I digress. I asked Sox to please take a photo of me and THIS was the result.

I give up.

Our waitress was better at pics though…

This floral dress is by LABEL Collection and the hot pink wedges are from Bronx Women.

Zerbits on Sox’s tummy from Luca!

It was such a lovely, chilled day surrounded by some of his closest! Happy Birthday my love, I can’t wait to celebrate the next 100 birthdays with you!

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