Solely Tangled

So I had no idea going for a coffee on your own was so taboo. I know it isn’t, but clearly the waitress I had was very concerned about me.


Yesterday I just needed to get out of the house. I had literally spent 24 hours in my pajamas and I just felt too guilty to do the same for Sunday too.

I went off to Melrose Arch, one of my favourite places and perused the different stores. They’re all bringing out their Autumn and Winter ranges and I had to tear myself away.

Shopping, or the lack of, makes me very thirsty. So what do thirsty people do? They sit down for a cafe latte.

Waitress: “Morning. Table for…?”

Bailey: “Hi, Table for 1 please.”

Waitress: “For one?”

Bailey: “Yes, thanks.”

Waitress looking behind me: “Seriously?”

Bailey now confused and also looking behind: “Um… yes…”

Waitress: “Shame. OK… right this way.” The way she said it, she could have drowned me in pity.

The whole time she kept looking at the 3 empty chairs around me and then shaking her head while she served the families and the couples around me.

On the plus side, I had the best service… I think she felt so sorry for me that she kept asking me if I was OK. Somehow I don’t think she was asking if my latte or muffin was alright.

I then went on to see a movie. OK, I didn’t do this on my own, I met up with Christian and Robyn. I think we were the only adults not accompanying children as we watched Tangled 3D.

I ADORE Disney and I adore animation. I think the way animation – all the detail that is done these days is just incredible

It was the cutest movie I have seen in a while and I totally want Pascal. He was my favourite.

Pascal the Chameleon

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