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The Royal Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton

Most little girls grow up knowing about Princesses. Disney has several of them. I remember I wanted to be Sleeping Beauty when I was three.

Somehow being a real life princess doesn’t sound as glam. In fact the pressure must be INSANE!

Today is the Royal Wedding and I can’t believe how many people have taken time off work to actually watch the ceremony.

My parents were in London when Prince Charles and Diana married, so for them it’s all very exciting.

I just keep thinking about the pressure. Imagine being Kate Middleton today. Knowing every single person world wide is going to be watching you, watching what you wear, how your hair is done, how you’ve accessorized, watching that you do the right things.

All I’d be thinking is: “Don’t trip. Don’t trip. Don’t trip. Do I have something in my teeth? My cheeks hurt from all this smiling.”

 I do think that she is going to be a beautiful princess. She is certainly well liked and will probably do a lot of good, just like Princess Diana.

I have baked scones for my radio team. Yes… just call me Martha Stewart, without the convict record!

We’re presenting the Breakfast show this week, so we’ll be enjoying scones with cream and strawberry jam, a spot of tea and speaking in high English.

Mark Pilgrim eating the scones with strawberry jam and a touch of cream

There is also a fun BBM message being broadcast around. In honor of the big wedding, use your royal wedding guest name. Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barreled with the name of the street you grew up on.

With that said… I’d like you to now refer to me as: Lady Daphne Berna-Olive

How delightful!

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