Red Square and Edgars Cosmetic Launch

Magazine Beauty editors and top beauty bloggers were invited to the Edgars Exclusive Cosmetic Launch at the gorgeous CIRCA gallery, Johannesburg. I was thrilled to be a part of the mix.

As it was being held in my hometown, I was super happy when they flew us up because it not only meant getting to see what Edgars and Red Square have in store for us, but I would also be able to see my family, BFFs and of course, Duke.

Edgars is South Africa’s retailer and curator of the finest beauty brands in the world. They introduced us to The Cosmetics Collection – 8 cosmetics, skincare, bath & body and fragrance brands, new to the South African Market.

There were 3 international guest speakers who presented on their brands.

Edgars is looking at becoming a distributor and retailer for top cosmetic brands locally and internationally. The great thing is that they are aiming for us as consumers, to be able to purchase international products at the same price as what we would if we were overseas and in some cases, trying to make it slightly cheaper.

I’ll be impressed if they are able to do this.

We arrived in Johannesburg, took the Gautrain to Rosebank and had coffee and snack at Doppio Zero.

On the Rosebank street

CIRCA gallery is just magnificent and we were welcomed with champagne, delicious food and violinists playing light background music.

Camembert sticks with strawberry sauce

Tempura prawns with chilli and coconut

Radical Skincare is from a sister duo -Rachel and Liz. They started this in September 2011. In 16 months they are now stocked in 5 continents and 16 countries.

Their product uses Trylacel Technology. They wanted radical results and nothing less. Their brand essence is: More Honesty, More Potency, More Performance.

There has been no expense spared in what has gone into the bottle. Only the best of the best and highest level of ingredients has gone in so that they perform.

The #1 cause of ageing is free radicals. Radical Skincare fights free radicals and it is said to be 300% more powerful than anything on the market. It also said to reduce wrinkles by 57%.

This is high priced and is likened to La Mer.

Radical Skincare from LA

Sampar is a French brand and they have branded it as Smart Skin in the city. Intelligent products for intelligent skin. It has smart ingredients to combat pollution and the bottles are smart too – they administer just enough of what you need, without actually touching the product. This means no finger/air contamination in your creams.

There is the Glamour Shot Family as it comes in 3 products. It is transparent, so it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, it will always be a match. It works on light reflection and smooths out fine lines, pores in a matter of minutes. Instant photoshop.

There is also 3 Day Weekend, which is sun in a jar. It increases your natural melanin that over time gives you a natural glowy tan – not an orange one. There is a facial cream and body cream.

Melanie Montier from Nice, France

This product is from the Netherlands. It is natural and organic for every women and every age. There are no heavy perfumes. It is pure, fresh and kind (to your skin and the environment)

They like to call this ECO-CHIC = Eco-Friendly + Fashionable. Greenland prides itself for using natural ingredients and being animal friendly.

The products are made for sensitive skin and they hydrate well.

There are 5 ranges.

1. The Fruit Emotions, made up of essential oils.

2. Hero Lipbalms, they have no paraffin in them (which coats/dries) and therefore they aren’t addictive, where you feel like you constantly have to reapply lipbalm.

3. Fruit Extracts

4. Pure and White – mild and certified organic

5. Milky – for the most sensitive skin.

Edgars and Red Square will be stocking 1 and 2 for now… The rest are coming soon.

Greenland from the Netherlands

Korres from Athens, Greece
This smells SO GOOD!! I need this for Summer.

Hello Strawberry


Kings & Queens from Greece

Scent-story is coming out with fragrances from popular shows. Say hello to Gossip Girl and 24.

Some of these products are already available in Edgars and Red Square now and some of these products will only be available in the next few months, so keep an eye out for them.

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