POWA Spring Cleaning

I was a dusty mess on a mission this weekend. I took note of the time. I started at 08h08 and finished at 18h18.

10 hours of Spring Cleaning and I was absolutely exhausted. I went through EVERYTHING in my apartment… from swopping out my wardrobes and cleaning out my drawers to going through toiletries and products. Yes. It is possible to have too many body butters and lotions.

Why is it that it always gets messy to get tidy? Sheesh… My place looked like a tornado had blown through it as I was trying to organize. Ironic.

Oh the horror…the MESS!

I. am. a. hoarder. I can’t help myself. In the beginning I struggled to be ruthless. I tried the:

“If you haven’t worn it or used it in 3-6 months… OUT!” 

But then I had the thoughts:

“What if it comes back into fashion?”

“What if I may need it?”

“You can never have too many vanilla body lotions, body butters, body milks, body scrubs….OK wait. Yes you can!”

By hour 3 I was dusty, sweaty (WOW what a workout), my back was sore (I’m getting old) and getting tired… I became ruthless and I must say I feel lighter and much better.

I have products and toiletries that I’m just never going to use and clothes that I’m not going to wear again… thank you Detox and 5 kgs lighter!

I also have so many magazines and scrap booking books (went through a phase… that would probably still be around if I had more time in my world) that I was literally drowning in them.

I’m donating them to POWA – People Opposing Women Abuse. POWA was formed in 1979 by a group of women volunteers in order to provide referral services and sheltering to women who were experiencing domestic violence.

I know how wonderful it is to wear new clothes and use gorgeous products like lotions and bubble baths and these women really need to feel special.Hopefully they’ll enjoy all the papers, stickers, scrap booking things and magazines too.

Desmond from POWA arrived at my apartment to collect everything. He arrived so quickly, was so thankful and was just an amazing soul… I don’t know how to explain it… You know when you can just see and feel that someone is a good person? Yes… Desmond is like that!

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