My Photo Diary Week

I’m sorry I’ve been scarce this week. Being back to a 5 day week has kept me very busy. All those public holidays (as lovely as they are) really messed my schedule up.

On Sunday it is Mothers Day and my mom is super special. I know we all say that about our moms. I really have been blessed with a woman who is strong, magnificent, kind, caring and unconditionally supportive. She drives me up the wall sometimes and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Expresso TV show called me yesterday via Skype to do a video chat and wish my mom a happy Mothers day – don’t you love technology?

My mom got all teary eyed this morning when she watched the show. It was really sweet.

My amazing, strong, wonderful mom – Jenny.

I thought I’d share a few moments from my week…

I took Duke for his inoculation and he was not happy with me. He’s 5 and a half months old and weighs a whopping 21.5kgs…Yip – he’s a BIG BOY!

I know how observant you are… those are my water bottles and a USN Protein bar wrapper – don’t get any funny ideas! 😛

I’m finding myself dressing according to these accessories, not the other way around. It’s safe to say I am somewhat obsessed with gold at the moment.

I got new glasses:

French manicures. They’re classic, they’re pretty and they look good on anyone’s hands.

Lemon and lime juice has been my friend… I’m squeezing it on salads, chicken, fish and even in my water. It gives everything a fresh, zesty and delicious taste.

With it being my last week of the USN challenge I’ve really increased my cardio sessions. This was taken today.


I’ve been eating super healthy…

Having green tea in Melrose Arch makes me feel like I’m sitting in Europe. I love the vibe.

PS. The brilliant A Daft Scots Lass interviewed me on her blog… Go take a read!


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