My weekend…

This weekend was seriously chilled. I needed it.

It started on Friday night with Karolina and I curled up on her couch with pizza and wine. I never ever take our B+K moments for granted – she is seriously my soul sister.

Saturday consisted of a Tasha’s lunch with the crowd, shopping, reading, sleeping, movie watching and doing photography.

Sunday = I baked choc chip cookies and shopped for a first birthday present for Mark Pilgrim’s gorgeous little girl, Tayla Jean… followed by her Birthday Party.

I am seriously not child proof. I walked around Toys R Us for ages. From the little I do know about kids, I know you can’t buy a one year old anything that she can choke on, plus it needs to be something that will keep her interested with sounds and colours etc… I was so lost. Thank goodness for the fact that I remembered Mark telling me she is fascinated with the Mickey Mouse Club. I bought her a HUGE teddy bear, called “Sleepy Bear” plus a Mickey Mouse doll that when you press it’s tummy; it says all the things Mickey says on the show. Uber cute.

Her birthday party was so lovely… There were platters of chocolate croissants, fruit kebabs, cake, cheese platters and so on. The childrens area was gorgeous complete with swings, a ball pond, a sandpit and all the crisps and sweets they could get their chubby hands on.

Her cake was the cutest – an ice-cream Mickey Mouse cake. The morning was absolutely stunning!

I was completely overwhelmed though – I was the only single person there and there were so many babies and toddlers. I know I want children one day… but that’s just it… one day.

One of the conversations I had went like this:

“So which one is yours?” She was pointing at the toddlers in the ball pond.

“Oh no… I don’t have children.”

“Oh I see. Do you and your husband want children though?”

“Um… I don’t have a husband.”

*uncomfortable laugh… from BOTH of us*

“Well I’m sure your boyfriend will propose soon!” She winked at me.

“Yes. About that… um…I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Oh. Sorry.”


In other news, I also had such fun playing with my camera. My mom is an amazing artist and photographer, so she has been teaching me a few things.

I’m normally quite clumsy, so the fact that we didn’t break or sprain anything is a miracle since my mom and I were completely in the dark to get these pictures.

Oh wait. I did trip, stumble and bash into a tree. Fabulous.

Never been happier for my fringe/bangs (that I had actually pushed back for the night, go figure)… It covers the bruise on my forehead.

Yip. It’s attractive.

It was such fun trying different methods of writing and capturing the words… Some were epic fails and some were cool…

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