My random thoughts…

So lately I’ve been thinking about some pretty random things, but I thought I’d share them anyway…

Have you ever wondered how many strangers have photographs with you in it? I was going through my photos from my travels, when I’ve been in a restaurant or a crowded place. Sure, I have the photos with my friends and family as the main subjects, but when I look at the background I have all these strangers too. People I will probably never know.

There they are captured in a moment of time laughing or eating or talking…  just being.

Ever wondered how many tourists and other strangers have you in the background of their photos?

Have you ever looked at your Recently Used Emoticons on your phone when using WhatsApp or iMessage?

That can tell a story of how you are expressing yourself. Are they mainly negative or happy?

I once saw all my emoticons looking negative, angry and sad and it just brought more of that into my life. It’s the smallest thing, but it can have such a big impact. This is what my Recently Used looks like – it looks like a bloody Care Bear movie! LOL

Do you ever have funny fleeting thoughts?

I hope you have a VERY HAPPY FRIDAY!!

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