I really am not normal.

Normal people don’t start gym in December 1 week before Christmas.

Normal people don’t start gym on a Sunday.

I have been wanting needing to start gym for a while now and I have had every excuse under the sun.

I now have no excuse. I cannot say I don’t have time, because I have plenty now that I’m on leave.

I bought a Polar watch to count my calories and check my heart rate. It’s my new toy and it’s keeping me motivated. Each day I not only do the happy dance… I fist pump. Yes. That’s right. Fist pump with the happy dance when I see I have burned 555 calories or 641 calories in a session. Witness the Fitness. YAY!

Karolina has been my gym buddy and if you follow her blog about fitness and being healthy, you’ll know there is no ways I’m allowed a short cut. Greg has also been my gym buddy and it’s actually fun working out together.

After all…

Don’t you just love this?

It is also making me feel better when I know Christmas is 5 days away and I am going to be smashing mince pies and gammon into my face.

I’ve decided I’m making myself epic. I’m making myself extraordinary. I’m starting my New Years Resolution early. If I could stop smoking on New Years Day 2011 … I can get the body I have always wanted.

Here are some motivating pictures I’ve seen recently and I know that if I’m having a crappy day… I’ll come back to this post and re-read it.


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