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Marie Claire Naked Issue

Marie Claire magazine phoned me last year and asked me if I would consider being a part of the Naked Issue Campaign. They ask celebrities to get naked. Yes naked… no flesh colour underwear… completely NAKED and pose. The idea is that you feel so strongly about the cause, you’re prepared to get naked for it.

The cause this year was all about the Organ Donor Foundation.

I have been registered with the Organ Donor Foundation since 2010. I know some people find the idea morbid, but I really want to be able to help people if I can.

I do have one personal condition and that is – not my eyes.

This is very close to me and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. We did the photo shoot in November 2012, signed a confidentiality contract and I’ve kept quiet all this time, bursting to spill the beans.

The Marie Claire Naked Issue went on sale on Monday, country wide.

What’s really wonderful about this is, it’s the biggest Naked campaign to date – 41 South African celebrities took part and the photographer is heart recipient, Marguerite Oelofse. What a story!

Let me take you back to the day of the shoot. I woke up feeling so anxious and so excited. My stomach was in knots.

Anxious on the way in…

I’ve always had body issues and since doing the USN 12 Week challenge, I have felt a lot more confident within myself and proud of myself. However, getting naked in front of some strangers and then of course friends and colleagues is very different.

I arrived and had my hair done. My hair was curled first…

I then hopped into the make-up chair and had my face made up – I love having my make-up done, so relaxing.

It was then back to the Hair Chair, where they used Runway Hair Clip-In extensions and created this gorgeous hairstyle, complete with a delicate tiara.

I know Rob Forbes and Damon Kalvari, personally. Rob and I have worked together. Getting naked together? Um…

I think we were all pretty nervous, but as soon as we got onto the closed set, everyone was so professional and made me feel so comfortable.

Rob Forbes and I

People think that we all just walk around naked.

Er, no.

I was in a robe, Damon and Rob were in towels and we were positioned like that into our poses. Our robes and towels didn’t come off until the very moment when we were photographed.

It was the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever done, but the most empowering and invigorating thing too.

I felt proud. I had braved this and done it and I actually felt emotional afterwards.

Here is a quick video of BEHIND THE SCENES…

Celebrities taking part in this year’s campaign include:

  • Cover star: Candice Boucher
  • Models: Rue Essop, Maryke Pieterse, Nicole Meyer and Kate Menson
  • The TV Stars: Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Henna
  • The DJ: Stacey Norman
  • Model and mother: Lee-Ann Liebenberg and her daughter, Gia
  • Spud 2 cast members: Alex McGregor, Genna Blair and Rob van Vuuren
  • Model: Tanya van Graan
  • Comedians: Siv Ngesi, Nik Rabinowitz and Daniel Friedman
  • Singer and Idols finalist: Melissa Allison
  • Radio talk-show host: Aki Anastasiou
  • Olympic swimmer: Cameron van der Burgh
  • Sex journalist and blogger: Dorothy Black
  • The ‘Ghetto Tech’ DJs, Crazy White Boy: Konstantinos Karatamoglou and Ryan Murgatroyd
  • Bar-One Manhunt Season 2 Winner: Lushwill Rossouw
  • The screen goddesses: Roeline Daneel, Lalla Hirayama and Carishma Basday
  • Lead singer of Lark: Inge Beckmann
  • The muso: Benedikt Sebastian
  • Designer: David Tlale
  • Radio personalities: Damon Kalvari, Bailey Schneider and Rob Forbes
  • Designer: Suzaan Heyns
  • Rugby players: Keegan Daniel and Craig Burden
  • Entertainers: Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Ty Keogh, Heino Schmitt and Bafikile Rapoo
  • Heart recipient and photographer of the campaign: Marguerite Oelofse
  • Heart surgeon: Dr Susan Vosloo

About the Organ Donor Foundation:The Organ Donor Foundation of South Africa (ODF) is a non-profit organization established in 1988 with the aim of addressing the critical shortage of organ and tissue donors in South Africa through awareness and education campaigns aimed at the public and medical professionals. The ODF is not a medical organization and plays no role in the allocation, or procurement of organs.

To follow the Organ Donor Foundation on Twitter: like the Organ Donor Foundation on Facebook:

Thank you so much to Rob and Damon for making me feel like a Goddess and making me feel so comfortable – we certainly bonded!

To the crew and everyone at Marie Claire – Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

Get your copy today – it’s on sale now!


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