My Love It Spa experience

Nestled in picturesque Nova Constantia, is the Nova Constantia Boutique Residence. This is where you will find the tranquil Love It Spa.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway, the trickling water from the fountain, the greenery and the fresh air made my shoulders feel less tense.

Candice is a well trained Somatologist and the owner of Love It Spa.

What’s a Somatologist, I hear you ask?

Don’t worry. I also had to google.

A Somatologist is a person who is interested in assisting others in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance through information and practice of healthy life style habits, product use and clinic treatments.

I have been having such issues with my back. 1. It’s extremely tense and in dire need of some TLC and a massage.

2. It’s acting like a teenager and I’m suffering from break outs.

Look, I’m glad the breakouts aren’t happening on my face and during Winter it’s been pretty easy to cover up.

BUT… with the warmer weather, I’m not comfortable wearing strappy tops.

Candice suggested a back facial and a massage and whilst I’m quite embarrassed about my back, she made me feel so incredibly comfortable.

I got undressed and lay down on the massage bed.

The first thing that I noticed was the soft blanket I got to lie down on. There are usually towels over an ordinary massage bed, but this was just magic.

The facial on my back was just excellent and it’s exactly what my skin needed. Afterwards, I was massaged and it was like Angel wings caressing my body.

I have never fallen asleep in a massage before.

I literally drooled.

I was so relaxed that when she told me to turn over so she could massage my arms and legs, I had one of those foggy, dazed: where am I? moments.

It is by far the best massage I have ever experienced.

Pure bliss.

Afterwards, she poured me a glass of water with fresh strawberries and it was so refreshing. Definitely going to be drinking more of this in Summer.

By now, you know that I only love sharing experiences and places with you that are out of this world amazing!

Candice does amazing work and you can see her full treatment list here:

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