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Last week I flew to Johannesburg. I was flying up to MC the Ford Fleet Dinner. Who knew that when I booked my tickets ages ago, I would also tragically be attending a good friends funeral.  I changed my ticket to fly back a day later than I had originally booked.

It was such an emotional and hard week.

I have to say it was so wonderful to see all my friends again, even though it was under those circumstances.

Of course it is always fantastic to see my family and Duke.

I know you’re all excited to see how he is… He’s just the best. His squishy face has so much character and so many hilarious expressions. He loves the couch and the underfloor heating my parents have.

We had big love sessions when I arrived. I honestly don’t mind his slobbery kisses… He really planted one on me here…

Cuddling up with my mom

I’ve forgotten how freezing cold Joburg can be. Cold, dry and brown! It’s the type of cold that goes right into your bones. I slept with 3 blankets and my mom even made me a hot water bottle. Love being home in my childhood room 😉

I also borrowed mom’s jersey as I was so cold…

 When in Joburg stand-still traffic you take a selfie. Obviously.

On Wednesday evening I MC’d the Ford Dinner. I had great fun meeting everyone…

 After a run through, I was given my very own room to relax in until the function started.

Oh and of course you also take mirror selfies whilst going over your script… Yes, I’m a big dork.

And don’t forget the bathroom mirror selfies of the Lipsy dress I was wearing.

The Muses performed 2 sets and were just incredible.

Clem Sunter gave a talk and I was absolutely captivated.

After a fantastic night with Ford, I headed home to this face, which soon became a snoring face…

He actually has the most divine and comfy bed set up (treated like a King), but every now and then, in the middle of the night, he sneaks off to the couch or to the underfloor heating.

Busted: Snug as a bug

In the morning this was the “dopey-just-woken-up” face I got.

When I tried to get him to go outside I got this face. It’s a good ol’: “Aw c’mon! I don’t want to get up! Maybe if I give puppy eyes, mom will stop calling me to get up.”

Thursday was a really devastating day as we lay Dean Jones to rest. I still can’t believe it. I worked on a slide show of all the photos and memories and put it to special songs. I bawled my eyes out doing it and thought I might be immune by the time I got to the church. Think again.

All the friends came together at their home, and we laughed over the good memories and cried over the heartbreaking loss. RIP Dean Jones. 03/01/1979 – 13/07/2014

On Friday morning, I got the red eye flight back to Cape Town.

 I watched the sunrise…

It feels good to be home in Cape Town for a little bit… I’m back to Johannesburg again on Thursday – this time to throw my best friend, Karolina, a baby shower! What a beautiful blessing.

PS. I hope you appreciate the time you have, that you let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them and really treasure this life we are given. It’s often unfair and short, but we really should do our best to live each day to the very full!

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