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Life has been super exciting and a bit of a whirlwind. I worked out that in 1 week, between Sunday the 15th – Sunday 22nd of February, I did 5 flights.

But let’s first go back…

On Saturday the 14th of February, Valentines Day, I woke up early and headed to the Cape Town Stadium for the SABC 3 Presenter Search. As a former Presenter Search finalist and insert presenter on Expresso,  I had the fun of being a judge. I was first a judge in the preliminary stages and then in the room with the cameras, where everything was filmed for TV.

It brought back so many memories of my time waiting in line at 3am, nervous and excited to audition and feeling the butterflies in my stomach go crazy as it got closer and closer to walking in and doing my audition to camera.

I was so happy to see the coffee station so early and since it was Valentines Day, (poor Sox… we had to put our romantic day on hold) the gents made me coffee with LOVE.

 It was down to business as we settled into our various Audition rooms…

After a while of preliminary judging, it was finally off to the TV room where I judged alongside these 2 gorgeous and talented women: Jo-Ann Strauss and Lauren Wallett, a 2012 Presenter search finalist.

What you won’t see on camera is how HOT the room is. Having all those TV lights switched on, camera crew, judges and nervous contestants walking in, it’s literally a sauna. A SAUNA!

Our lovely make-up artist had the impossible task of powdering our faces and keeping the shine away.

Jo-Ann eventually had to leave and Graeme Richards joined us…

We wrapped at 9pm. It was an incredibly long, exhausting day but I feel really happy with our selection and I can’t wait to see how this presenter search unfolds. Good Luck!

I got home late on Valentines and packed my suitcase, not only for Joburg, but also for the media cruise we were going on.

On Sunday the 15th of February, Sox and I flew early to Johannesburg.

Taken on the way to the airport

We would be landing just in time for my Godson, Gabriel’s Christening. I can’t tell you how honoured I am to be this little boys Godmother and my heart absolutely burst with pride and love as I witnessed his Christening.

Just look at this little happy (naughty) face…

As you then know (if you followed my travel diaries), we flew to Durban for the Media Trip onboard the MSC Opera.

We arrived back in Durban on Friday morning and caught a flight back to Cape Town. I had the worst land sickness. I never felt nauseous, but whilst standing or walking on land, I felt like it was moving, like I was still on the boat. It’s such a disorientating feeling, when you’re still but you feel like you’re moving. You feel absolutely spaced.

I read up that ginger helped, so I drank a tiny bit of raw honey (the only sugar, besides fruit I’ve had since January), lemon and fresh ginger tea, but to be honest… The only thing that has worked is time. I’m only just starting to feel stable again.

I got a phone call on the Friday as we landed with new flight arrangements to head back to Johannesburg on Saturday; for an event on Sunday and to fly back to Cape Town on Sunday afternoon.

I quickly unpacked and repacked. I also side-eyed all the boxes still waiting for me at our new home.

I will never ever take traveling for granted – especially when I get to see my family and Duke again.

There is nothing quite like a slobbery Bulldog kiss. He was so fast in frogging his tongue out for a kiss, that by the time the pic was taken, the only evidence left is my squished up face.

A lot of you have asked about whether Duke will be moving down to Cape Town now that Sox and I have moved into our own place.

My selfish answer would be that I would bring him down tomorrow.

My reality is, Duke is my mom and dad’s dog now. He will always be mine, but the truth is he has the best home in Johannesburg with my mom and dad (read: he’s the most spoilt Bulldog…DOG in the world.)

He’s grown up with all of us since he was 5 weeks old and the bond my parents have with him is just too precious. I’m seriously lucky that things worked out so well when I moved to Cape Town and that they were only too happy to have the squishy, slobbering, snoring pup.

To now take him from my mom and dad would break their hearts and I could never do that to them. I’ve had to resign to the fact that Duke is all of ours, but he’s my mom and dad’s new baby.

I mean, just look at these love sessions my mom and Duke have. How cruel would I be to take this away?

On Sunday morning, I headed over to Sandton for the Lorna Jane launch with Legacy Lifestyle. Legacy Lifestyle have partnered up, so when you purchase any Lorna Jane item, you’ll earn legacy points. 1 Legacy point is 1 Rand. You can use those points (Rands) at any of the Legacy Lifestyle partners. Everything from holiday destinations, spa’s, restaurants, shops, Dischem and more. It’s honestly the best rewards program I have ever been a part. No catches and amazing value… Oh and it’s free to be a part of.

After the event, I had a delicious catch up breakfast with my Gusband (Gay Husband), Christian and then joined my mom and dad at Sandton. We are on the hunt for shoes for my sisters wedding happening in 2 weeks! Eeeeeee! So damn exciting!

I still haven’t found shoes. The search continues.

Front Row baby!

This week it was back to normal (sort of)…

It was back to work at 2Oceansvibe radio, unpacking and settling into our new home. I can’t wait to show you everything.

I love graffiti in Woodstock, where the studios are. I loved this quote on a broken building.

I painted my neglected nails with Morgan Taylor’s Hocus Pocus. Seriously impressed with the colours and how long lasting it is.

Today I am packing another suitcase and flying back to Johannesburg. This time it isn’t for work, it’s my little sisters Bachelorette and I’m so excited to be throwing this for her, along with the other bridesmaids!

I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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