Legend Safari Weekend

On Thursday evening, the rain was pouring down in Cape Town. Sox and I were worried we weren’t going to make it to the airport in time.

The traffic was a blurred vision of red brake lights through the rainy windows and I just kept looking at my watch, willing the time to slow down and the traffic to hurry.

We made it just in time; and then there was a flight delay.

We landed in Johannesburg just after 10pm and I was so excited to see my mom, dad and Duke.

On Friday morning, M-Net collected us, took us to Magic Centre where we met Justin Jacobie and the rest of the gang. We then we got onto a bus and headed 2 and a half hours out of Johannesburg, into Limpopo and straight to the Legend Golf and Safari Lodge.

The first thing that struck me, besides how peaceful and beautiful it is, is the mountain that could have been Lions Head’s twin.

In fact, someone on my Instagram said it looked like Pride Rock, from the Lion King. Spot on!

We had lunch first and then headed off to our beautiful rooms in the heart of the bush, cheeky monkeys playing in the trees (hoping for open windows) and a beautiful welcome gift from M-Net.

How clever? It’s an outdoor wineglass holder… no more wine spillage at a picnic.

Sox got comfortable…

After a chilled afternoon of reading (me) and napping (him), we got ready for the unplugged concert by Johnny Clegg.

It was so incredibly special to be seated right in the front of the stage.

Even the wildlife made it onto the table… in the form of serviettes.

 Johnny is an absolute legend and I loved his fascinating stories as he went into hit after hit!

I know it’s blurry, but I love this pic from all the dancing!

Sox, Johnny and me

After an incredible, pinch-me-from-such-an-awesome-experience evening, we headed back to our room. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The following morning, it was off to a buffet breakfast.

Justin suggested we try the omelette and I wasn’t sorry.

After breakfast, we got ready for the game drive and I was so excited knowing that the Big 5 are in the reserve. I had my GoPro, Verge accessories and my SLR ready…

Our game ranger had jokes throughout the whole trip and he was pretty funny.

For example: He asked why giraffes heads are so far away from their bodies… None of us could answer, thinking he was going to give us some interesting fact. His answer: Because they have long necks.

We then came up to these trees and he said these are: Dead Dog Trees. He asked why they were called that. Again, we didn’t know.  He then said, because they’ve lost their bark.

Thing is, I was taking pictures of this and the whole Land Rover packed up laughing… but I’ll have you know, that it looks very artistic in black and white. And that’s the story I’m sticking to.

 I tried to get pics of Pumba – warthogs, but they’re very camera shy.

We also got to see the most beautiful lioness…

We stopped off to enjoy some drinks and stretch our legs…

2 and a half hours flew by and soon we were heading back to the lodge. I’m in week 3 of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I missed Friday’s session from the travelling, but I was determined not to miss a day.

I did the workout in our room. I used Sox’s suitcase as a medicine ball, the ottoman as the steps and moved the furniture out the way for lunges and my ab workouts.

I feel so proud that I’m on track. It’s hard, but I’m dedicated.

It felt even better to know I’d got my workout in ahead of our spa treatment. Off we went.. Terrible day, I know!

More dead dog trees – haha

We had the most relaxing couples massage… I didn’t want it to end.

I honestly could have gone to bed right then and there because I was so relaxed… but we got ready for the rugby and dinner at the Shebeen.

Delicious buffet, African style…

We were also entertained by gumboot dancers…

After a delicious meal, we moved our red wine to the fire outside, hypnotised by the dancing flames and listening to the fire crackle and sounds of the wild.

The BEST photobomb by a wild creature, also known as Justin…

Sox and I decided to book another game drive. We decide to do the early morning drive before we had to leave. We were convinced that we would see more.

We forgot that it’s winter. I. HAVE. NEVER. BEEN. SO. BLOODY. FREEZING!!!

We were in an open Land Rover, and even though we were given blankets, nothing prepared me for the wind chill factor. I was so grateful for my colourful beanie, but also cursing my scarf. It has holes in it. In hindsight, it’s the most stupid scarf ever.

My fingers and my face were actually sore from the cold. I thought my nose might fall off, as dramatic as that sounds.

BUT… We saw a fox, we saw bush pig, which are usually nocturnal, we saw hippo, we saw a glimpse of a male lion and we saw 2 male cheetahs. I’ve never seen Cheetah in the wild before and that alone, was worth it all.

 Look closely at the next picture, because we also nearly missed it…

Do you see him?

There is a male lion lying down right there. His ear looks like a leaf. Still not? Look in the centre… It’s the back of his head…the ear and his black mane – just below the green leaves.

Well, about 600m on, we got a puncture. We were told not to worry because he was sleeping, but I wasn’t convinced.

I was very grateful when Jaco, our ranger changed the tyre in no time at all and used the spare from another Land Rover close by.

All I was thinking was: Safety in numbers and you only have to be faster than the slowest person.


We drove further on and low and behold… 2 magnificent male cheetahs.

I’ve also never seen an Ant Eater before… They’re normally nocturnal, but there he was sun tanning. I didn’t blame the guy, I was an ICE BLOCK.

After the successful game drive, we tried to defrost over breakfast!

Afterwards, we raced back to our rooms to get our luggage and head back to Johannesburg to catch out flight back to Cape Town.

What an INCREDIBLE weekend! Thank you M-Net, thank you Justin! So incredibly grateful and I have an urge to re-watch The Lion King.

Here is our video from the weekend.

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