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I’m in a TV commercial

So a little over a month ago I was contacted by Verimark. They wanted to meet with me and it worked out perfectly because it just so happened that when they wanted to meet, I was going to be in Johannesburg.

I met with Theuns and Nichola.

I have to be honest here… I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I have always seen those Verimark adverts and products and thought that perhaps the products are gimmicky or don’t work because of the “As Seen on TV” – I don’t know why. So, admittedly, I was a little very skeptical going into the meeting, but I decided to be open and find out more.

I learned so much about the company and my entire opinion has changed completely. They are a listed company on the Stock Exchange. The products they test and sell are not gimmicky whatsoever because they take great pride and care into ensuring that it not only useful to the consumer and makes your life easier, but that it works as well as it says it does.

I had the meeting and I was wondering what product I would be getting involved with… I thought that if they asked me to do an advert for a vacuum cleaner (for example), I wouldn’t be able to do it. It had to be something that I could really get excited about and genuinely use and that fitted into my brand. Everything I do in my career has to be absolutely authentic.

I was so happy when they introduced me to this new curling stylist. I love curling my hair and boy have I battled over the years to do it myself – thank goodness for my amazing hair stylists.

It’s called the Jean Robere Auto Curl and when they told me about it, it honestly sounded too good to be true.

I told them that I would think about it and I also asked if I would be able to test the product myself. I didn’t want to just promote something that I hadn’t used or genuinely wouldn’t use.

The product arrived by courier and I couldn’t wait to see if it really worked. It did and I did a little happy dance. Girls all over are finally going to be able to do the curl. I know there are lots of you who can do the ghd curl, but I personally have never been able to perfect it. I have used a curling tong/wand and burnt my forehead and fingers so many times. This is really incredible and so easy and I swear I’m not just saying it.

I phoned Verimark up and told them I’d love to film the commercial.

Things happened quickly after that phone call. I flew up to Johannesburg and we had planning meetings/rehearsals of the script on the 10th and 11th of February and shot the advert on the 12th of February.

Learning script

Madeleine Botha did my make-up beautifully for the shoot. Loved it.

Christie Winkler, our pro hairstylist and I

The Team

The advert started airing on the 14th of March so I hope you’ll see it and better yet, I hope you’ll buy the product.

If you haven’t seen the advert… Here it is:

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