Hospital and Nachos

Well this is highly frustrating and a little soul destroying. I am “back” in hospital. I say “back” because I am supposed to be staying in hospital for 7 days, but I just can’t… I’m a little stubborn. Instead, I have a permanent J-Loop in my hand and each day I go into the hospital ward where they hook me up to an IV for my treatment. My poor veins. I really do look like a human pin cushion. Especially since they had to remove it TWICE 🙁

Originally placed in left hand (TWICE) Sorry if you’re queasy

Now it’s in the right hand. *Sigh*

It’s not even 2 weeks since I was in hospital for 5 days. Read here

I know what is wrong, but the doctors don’t know why this keeps happening. Very frustrating and I’m so so so so so tired of this pain. I’m not losing faith though.

I much prefer being in my own bed at home though… so I’m happy about that. I had one of my very good friends Christian, come around to visit. He brought all the ingredients for nachos. JOY!

We made guacamole
Put the nachos out
Sprinkled with cheese – excuse my drip hand
I only put jalapenos on one half because I love them and Christian doesn’t … It’s ready to grill
Serve with guacamole, salsa and sour cream (this sour cream has tomato salsa and pesto in layers)

Last instruction: SMASH IT IN YOUR FACE.

PS. Much nicer than hospital food, don’t you think?

PPS. I haven’t forgotten about the Bailey Hamper Draw… I’ll be announcing the winner this week.


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