Happy 30th Karolina

Today is my best friend and soul sisters 30th Birthday…

Karolina Sky is an earth angel. Honestly. It is just so wonderful to know that someone like her exists in the world and we seriously need to find a way to clone her.

I have never heard her utter a horrible word about anyone. Really. It’s remarkable.

She is the poster child for: Not only is she stunningly beautiful on the outside, she’s even more gorgeous on the inside.

She has a heart of gold, would help every single animal if she possibly could and no matter what, she is that friend who gives you unbiased advice anytime. Yes. Even at 2am.

She has a walk-in wardrobe that would make you weep, eyelashes that are so long people often think they’re false and style that would make Victoria Beckham green with envy.

Our B+K moments are so special and we have so much fun together.

My life has truly been blessed and I don’t just see her as my friend…I see her as a sister.

Happy Birthday my Special K… I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and that you are blessed every single day!

Look forward to sharing some cupcakes with you later


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