Happiness Is…

This a list of what is making me happy right now:

1.) Receiving roses – I know people say it’s too cliched, but receiving flowers makes me feel super special and loved.

2.) Strawberries and grapefruit. Not together, but I’m just loving the sweetness of the strawbs and the tartness of the grapefruit. Too delicious.

3.) My G – I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is being able to hug, to hold hands, to laugh together, to cook together and to just have fun without being confined to every other weekend or through a computer screen.

4.) Thunderstorms and the way it smells after it’s rained! Love the freshness.

5.) Dinner with friends and tasting different dishes. No need for order envy:) My chicken green curry was the best. Just saying.

6.) My two favourite colours are very in this season: Turquoise and Coral. I’m loving my new turquoise bracelet.

7.) Painting “Gellish” on my nails in a french manicure. It’s pretty.

8.) Planting herbs into cute pots… I plan to cook fresh all the time and having my own herbs just helps a lot.

9.) Having a very exciting meeting with a women’s magazine – more details to come soon.

10.) Earring stands… Oh they’ve made my life so much simpler.


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