Happiness Is…

Thank you for your continuous emails for the Happiness Is… feature. I love reading them and thank you for allowing me to share them.

Today I feature the wonderful Charmaine Ebben. The subject of her email was this: 10 things that bring me happiness and brightens up my day.

Her list is just so heart warming.

Happiness Is…

1. My beautiful daughter Eryn Tayla and very handsome little boy Connor Blake – Eryn is a little madam and comes up with the most incredible little things that make me smile and just wanna hug and hold her. Connor “Dennis the menace” at the moment is just soooo busy and full of fun he is trying so hard to speak and very excitedly says “bye bye” to me in the morning on my way to work, making me smile!

2. My husband Brandon, he is my best friend and soul mate, his passion and drive in everything he does is so motivating! He makes me feel like the most important person in the world and is always full of fun!

3. Having “vintage tea” party with all my girl friends where we get to dress up and enjoy a afternoon of tea, cakes, treats and chats!!! LOVE IT

4. I absolutely LOVE pink roses they make me smile and having them in my home is just the cherry on top

5. Working for a wonderful company, and being surrounded by beautiful furniture all day! Absolute BLISS

6. Being able to get so many wonderful Fruits – I love fruit and making a fruit salad on a hot summers day is wonderful and guilt free.

7. While we are on food let me not forget NUTELLA my absolute down fall I LOVE IT straight out the jar, on banana, on ice-cream and marshmallows in fact Nutella on anything is just YUM!!!

 8.  I am currently going through a Gladiator knee strappy fetish – yet to get a pair but its on my wish list…

 9.  Our beautiful little rescue kitten Chloe she is so playful and really keeps all of us on our toes and she loves to stalk and chase us.

 10.  And finally I love to finish the week with a glass of white wine in a beautiful glass – I love beautiful crockery and glass wear.

Thank you so much Charmaine… I love your list!

If you want to be a part of the Happiness Is feature, email me your list of 10 things that make you happy with pictures 🙂


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