Graffiti weekend

I had such a great weekend. Busy, but chilled. I just didn’t feel like getting all dressed up and partying. Instead, I had several B+K moments of PJ’s and DVD’s, wine with the girls at home and shopping.

Boy, did we shop til we drop. A beautiful tailored black blazer with interesting collar and 3/4 sleeves, a Chanel scarf, handbag… I needed all of it. Of course.

I have been in love with these shoes for a few weeks now. I’d even tried them on a few times and then walked away. *sob*

When Karolina and I walked past the store again and I saw them looking at me, I could have sworn I saw the peep toe say: Bailey, just buy me already!”

Who says no to “talking” shoes?

Who says “No” to these?

 Sucker for accessories/jewelry

Sunday was yoga – a very gentle class which was actually nice for a change and then my mom, dad and I head off for Newtown with our cameras. Ever since I got my new Canon SLR 550D, I haven’t really had a chance to play. We took a drive into town and became a tourist in our own city. It was such fun. We found graffiti everywhere and I just couldn’t stop taking different pictures… bear with me, I took hundreds… it was hard to choose out of the photos.



French Kissing – LOL

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All photo’s are copyrighted. If you are to ever use any, please kindly contact me first.



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