Goals for 2015

When I was younger I always used to make New Years Resolutions and it’s not like I didn’t want to keep them or do my utmost best at keeping them, but by the time February came, life was busy and I found myself back in my original routine.

I also always make a brand new Vision Board of cutting out pictures that represented what I was hoping for and hoping to achieve. I’ve always adored my vision boards because they’ve normally always come true or if they haven’t – there were excellent reasons for them and sometimes better things that I couldn’t even have imagined would take place instead. Aka my move to Cape Town.

These days I still have my vision board – a private Pinterest board – and I list all my goals.

I thought I would share a few of the goals with you…

1.) I’ve decided to cut out sugar completely. All refined sugar and hidden sugar. It is NOT EASY… besides the fact that sugar is as addictive as a drug, you will be amazed and appalled at how many products have sugar in them like sauces, marinades and so on.

I’m addicted to sugar and it’s a serious thing, especially when you try to give it up cold turkey. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and it’s got nothing to do with will power and more like a chemical reaction with the brain that has you craving for more and more. I started on January the 2nd and so far I’ve managed. It has been bloody hard and I’ve actually felt the worst cravings and emotions. Each day that goes by, where I haven’t had a stitch of sugar, feels like the biggest victory. One day at a time.

2.) Be kinder to myself. I’m trying to be my own best friend. I wouldn’t berate my best friend or speak to her negatively or horribly, so my internal dialogue shouldn’t be doing that to myself either. It’s not like I do it on purpose, but I am extremely hard on myself and that needs to change this year.

3.) Move into our new apartment and decorate our new home. We bought a beautiful place last year, but it came with tenants. We are hoping our tenants will find somewhere else to live (with our help of looking for them too) before their lease is up (Feb 2016!!!), so that we can finally move in and create our home!

4.) Continue to grow Vanilla Blonde, my radio show, write and finish my book (oh boy – I’ve been saying this for years) MC more, record more voice overs and do more TV work. I want my social media company “BS MEDIA” to grow and I just want to carry on building and growing my career that I love so much.

5.) Spending more time in nature. We live in the most beautiful country, with the best climate and I truly want to enjoy more of it. Nature is the best kind of therapy for me and I always feel more balanced. Part of this is to climb Lions Head.

I know.

I heard your shocked gasps.

I’ve been living in Cape Town since April 2013 and I’m yet to climb the beauty that I see every single day.

I have so many goals I’d like to achieve this year but I’ve shared a few of them with you…

What are your goals for 2015?

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