First Tutorial: Fish Braid

I have new found respect for bloggers who do videos. Good Grief! I am either extremely blonde or just very slow… *I heard that!*

I received so many comments asking for a tutorial on the fish tail braid I did a few weeks ago. Awesome!

I set up my laptop, switched on iMovie, which I’ve dabbled in a little bit and recorded. It took longer than I thought it would, but I finally did it and was really happy.

I edited it down a little bit and then when I played it back… I look like a BAD Chinese film where my mouth moves and then my voice follows seconds later and I have no idea why, since I recorded everything all together.

I could tear my newly done fish braid out. I tried everything. I stabilised the video, I normalised the clip audio – I even went to the iStore and they couldn’t help me.

I suppose I could have redone it, but since it’s my first attempt, it’s quite a laugh and I actually thought I’d keep it for entertainment value . You still get the tutorial – even if the picture and instruction is out by a few seconds…

If any of you know how to fix it, please… help!

Sorry the blog post is so late today – I genuinely didn’t think it would take so long to get this done!

Enjoy the bad “Chinese movie” version of my very first tutorial… Should I be doing more? You tell me.

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Love Bailey Schneider

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