Expresso Show with the USN result show

As promised, this is the second blog post for today. Don’t forget to scroll down and view the post I did earlier on the USN Results/photo shoot.


I flew down to Cape Town on Thursday night to be on the Expresso TV show on Friday morning.

I love this city… It rejuvenates me soul. I had to be up early and was on set at 05h30.

I love that the set is on the roof with a gorgeous view.


My good friend Jen Su
Morne Haskell showing off his new guns!
My dear friend Liezel Van Der Westhuizen – presenter on Expresso
Liezel, Jen and I … All that was missing was Karolina!
The hilarious Guy McDonald – also one of the USN Challengers

Was so good to see Graeme Richards again – it’s been forever! So good to catch up!
The USN Challengers… with the editor in pink – she edited throughout the 3 months and saw the transformation unfold each week.

We were told that collectively we lost 102kgs. We lost a whole Ashley – SO FUNNY!!


We thought there were going to be 2 winners. One for the Expresso Challengers and one for the Celebrity challengers, but they put us all together and at the end of the show the winner was announced … Morne Haskell lost 11kgs of weight – all those butter blocks! Amazing! Morne you look incredible and you should be so proud! BRAVO!

At the end of the day, we’re all winners – we changed our lives and now have the tools to keep a healthy, active lifestyle and – oh gosh – it sounds very “beauty pageant” saying that, but it really is the genuine truth. I couldn’t be happier and I feel like I won regardless.

I’m so proud of everyone! Such amazing results and achievements! Well done to the Expresso challengers: Morne Haskell, Robyn van der Westhuizen, Sandra Blom, Chantelle Van Tonder, Jaco Havenga and Jan-Hendrik Kruger.

Well done to my fellow celeb challengers: Neill Anthony, Guy McDonald, Carl Wastie and Simba Mhere.

Gareth Powell from USN and I

Ewan Strydom is the presenter who was with me right from the start of the challenge. We did a shoot on Day 3 and then I never got to see him again. It was so amazing to hear and see his reaction when he saw me 3 months later! So encouraging!

After the show, some of the contestants had to fly back and the rest of us went for a celebratory breakfast at Arnold’s. We ditched the oats/egg whites and ordered what we wanted.

I have been craving waffles – it’s the craziest thing…I can’t remember the last time I had a waffle, so I don’t know why I have that craving, but there it is.

Since they didn’t have, I ordered Eggs Benedict with bacon.

Carl Wastie and his happy cappuccino

Carl decided to get creative with my camera and took the next few shots…

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