Dentyne Strawberry Picking Day

On Friday the gorgeous ladies in media were invited by Dentyne to a decadent day of Strawberry picking, a picnic and spa treatments. It was all to celebrate the new Dentyne Range in slab form – Strawberry Passion and Spearmint.

Mother Nature had PMS though and was very very weepy. In fact, it didn’t stop raining until we were all getting back into the bus to go home. The only one laughing was Murphy’s Law.

The rain didn’t put a dampener on the day, in fact it just made it much more fun. We arrived at Monte Casino, climbed into the buses and made our way to Tangaroa, The Strawberry farm near Hartebeespoort drive. About 45 minutes out of Johannesburg.

On arrival we were ushered into a room where tea, coffee, champagne and a gorgeous selection of eats were displayed for us to indulge.

It didn’t look like the rain was going to ease up, so instead of going strawberry picking straight away, we rushed into the chapel for a presentation by Dentyne and the owner of Tangaroa Strawberry Farm.

Really not sure why I had sunglasses with me. Eternal optimist perhaps.

The way the owner of the farm spoke about his proudly organic strawberries, just made me feel warm and fuzzy for them. They sounded like his babies. Too cute.

We all decided, stuff the rain – and it was pouring… we’re going to go and pick a few strawbs. Dentyne had arranged Wellies for us and Poncho’s so we got dressed and off we went into the strawberry fields to pick a few. After the owners speech, I couldn’t pick the babies, so I really searched for the bigger ones.

Look how happy I look. LOL.

The strawberries are so delicious and sweet… the redder they are, the sweeter. Naturally. DELICIOUS.

We returned, very cold and a little wet (nothing a good cup of tea couldn’t fix) and were greeted by the awesome entertainer, who had a wicked sense of humour – especially when we returned to be serenaded with “Raindrops keep falling on my head…”

Our picnic had to be moved inside, but the ambience was so cosy with all the cushions, candles and blankets…


We then moved in groups of 8 to another room for a pamper session…

We could have a foot or hand massage. Guess what I opted for…

Marvelous Martha

We returned back to the picnic area for more champagne and food. I was completely relaxed, pampered and happy.

On our departure, we were each handed a punnet of strawberries and our very own strawberry plant. We were all told to look for a blue dot under our punnets. I had the blue dot and found out I had won the most gorgeous Picnic Hamper. It is BEAUTIFUL. It’s something I have always wanted. What an amazing day.

Thank you so much to all the ladies at Dentyne – you put on a spectacular day!


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