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Confident Red

I want to try something different.

Think about the women who stand out. They are not from the same cookie-cutter mold… I always admire women who try different things, like wearing a colour they ordinarily wouldn’t dream of, trying a different make-up technique and so on.

Today I thought I’d try something different. OK, it’s quite common actually, but it’s different to me!

Red Lipstick.

I love doing smoky eyes – that’s my signature look, with soft pink/nude lipsticks. Today I’m going to try a natural eye and red lipstick.

It could be a disaster. It could unleash a whole new Bailey too.

Who knows, if we don’t try?

The great thing about it, if it looks horrid on me? Make-up remover.  Simple.

Red lipstick is also all about confidence. It most certainly is stand-out and I’ll need to work it.

I must say, I don’t feel so comfortable smiling with the red lipstick … think it looks “hotter” as a pouty smirk, if you know what I mean? I have a very wide smile and I think I look like a clown! Hahaha – maybe it’s just me.

It feels odd to not smile. I have a hard time when taking photos for my ID book and passport. Last year, it turned into a mini photo shoot/saga, not because I was being fussy on the photo, but because they kept asking me to stop smiling. My cheeks would tremble and I’d end up smiling without my teeth. They’d stop me and make me do it again. And again. And again. Torture.

Anyways, in other news…

Today I met up with my amazing friend Claire Ellingworth. She lives in Mozambique with her fiance and whenever she comes back to South Africa we get together and catch up. It always feels as if she never left in the first place. We met up yesterday  and had so much to catch up on, we met up again today! She is my little ray of sunshine, she’s full of life, always laughing & smiling and if I’m ever having a crap day she knows just how to put me right!

Claire Ellingworth and I

Hope you’re all having a kick ass daring day… Let me know if you have tried something out of your comfort zone!

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