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Christmas Eve

I decided to stay in Cape Town for Christmas. It was my very first Christmas here and whilst it was Sox and my second Christmas together, it was our first Christmas in the same city together.

Every year I vow that I’m going to get my act together and be organised way in advance. Erm… Maybe one day when I’m big.

I finished (and started) my Christmas shopping on the 23rd of December and completed the last gift and all the wrapping on the 24th.

I put this movie on whilst I gift wrapped.

On Christmas Eve, Sox and I were invited over to Sox’ best friend Marc’s wife, Kim’s family for dinner.

What a mouthful. Haha. I’ll give you a minute to work that out. 😉

It was wonderful spending time with them and their families.

It was such an awesome evening of the most delicious food, wine (I may or may not have finished a bottle of wine on my own) and the most hilarious game of Actionary. It’s the Pictionary board game, but instead of drawing, you act it out, like charades.

I had a stitch from laughing so much.

The action of the night was: Ballroom Dancing. I’ll leave that one for your imagination. Hilarious.

Kisses for Nahla from Kim
Evidence of Kim Kisses

I wont lie…this made me miss my Duke a lot! Mom sent me this photo with the caption: Merry Christmas Mom! I’m doing my own “unwrapping.”

It’s almost like she knew…

Naughty little bugger.

Michelle, Kim and I

Having a “cracker” of a time.

The laughter as we all try to guess a turn of Actionary

Thank you so much to the Davel’s and the Delaportes for a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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