Blow the Whistle

In January, I flew up to Johannesburg for a very exciting photo shoot. I am part of Blow the Whistle, which is an absolutely incredible campaign. One that I feel very strongly about and very proud to be a part of the campaign.

Blow the Whistle is an anti-rape initiative created with Legacy Pride, Legacy Lifestyle and a wonderful friend of mine Sureshnie Rider from 5fm. It aims to give women and children the platform to feel safe in South Africa. It was created after the horrifying story of Anene Booysen ripped through South Africa, leaving a ripple affect of emotions and fear.

The campaign starts with fashionable whistles – we don’t want anyone to ever feel helpless and like they couldn’t call for help. If you don’t have the loudest voice, a whistle is definitely going to grab attention and potentially startle an attacker.

There is also a state-of-the-art mobile app for your smart phone – compatible with Apple and Android.

This app is free and works brilliantly. You add in up to 4 guardians, like your mom, dad, boyfriend/husband and so forth. There is a Panic Button that you can hold down and your guardians will immediately be notified with your exact location. You can also put in your journey – say where you’re going, how long you think it will take you to get there and the app will monitor your progress. If the time runs out before you stop or extend the journey, the app alerts your guardians, along with the coordinates. The app is also PIN protected so that only you can stop or extend your journey.

It’s a fantastic tool to make you feel safer.

Just type in “Blow the Whistle” in your app store and download it for free. Ensure your family has it, your daughters, your sisters, your moms. Men, ensure your loved ones have it installed. Do this now… please.

The campaign not only seeks to give women a voice against crime, but also encourages men to react to the call of need. On the website, men can also pledge their support and respect. Pledge here.

The proceeds of the sales of the whistles are being channeled to the DNA Project and the development of DNA forensic technology.

Let’s go back to the start of the year… I arrived at the Da Vinci Hotel, the location for our shoot. The adorable and talented Gina Myers did my make-up.

The idea behind the photo shoot of all the celebrities behind this campaign was that no matter how I look or what I wear or how sexy I pose; it doesn’t give you the right to lay a hand on me.

I tried on several dresses and we eventually decided on this beautiful black lace mini dress.

I also got to wear the most beautiful diamond jewellery from Bellagio Jewellers. I wore diamond earrings, a dainty diamond necklace and a gorgeous diamond ring. My jaw dropped when the jewellers told me what the price tags were on my neck, wrists and in my ears.

Necklace: R250 000

Earrings: R350 000

Ring: R215 000

I nearly had my own “How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” moment as I was about leave still wearing the diamonds worth R815 000.

My camera phone doesn’t do these sparkly diamonds any justice…

I sat on this really funky chair and the talented photographer, Gavin Goodman got to work in capturing the moment.

Here is my final shot:

Last Thursday evening I was invited to be on Good Hope FM to talk about the initiative.

I chatted with Ayanda Ntini and Tammy B about Blow the Whistle and was thrilled when these types of tweets came pouring in:

Thanks for having me and allowing me to share this with your listeners.

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