Birthday Beach Picnic

The 4th of February came quickly this year.

I woke up to a fresh cup of tea in bed and a big, joyful: “Happy Birthday!”

I was then presented with the most beautiful card and gift – utterly spoilt!

It’s always hard not being around family when it’s your birthday, but I got a harmonised birthday song from my mom and dad and a few hours later, I got wonderful phone call from my sister, Tandi and brother in law, Ross all the way from London, who also did a “Happy Birthday” duet – it was really special.

This whole week has been blustery and blowing a typical Cape Town gale. When I was asked what I felt like doing for my birthday, my idea of having a beach picnic and watching the sunset seemed like it would be impossible.

Luckily, the wind died down completely and it was a clear, blue skied gorgeous day! The beach picnic was on and Sox organised everything while I was at my show. He bought the delicious snacks, packed the cooler box and picnic blankets and called us an Uber, as soon as I arrived home.

We arrived at Clifton 1st just after 18h30 and I was really grateful to those friends who could make it on such short notice!

Sox had thought of everything and I just burst with gratitude. He organised birthday candles, sparklers, ice, champagne, snacks. Just amazingly thoughtful. I thank God every day for him and the 4th and 5th of Feb marks exactly 1 month to our wedding!

It’s my birthday – I’m allowed to be all mushy!

Good friends of mine, Danny and Lisa were also celebrating their 6th Wedding Anniversary, so they popped in for a quick drink before heading off to an anniversary dinner.

It was such a warm evening and we stayed on the beach until after 10pm without even needing a summer jacket.

Birthday Girl

Even the water was warmer than usual and the guys had a few swims…

Maria and her puppy, Nacho came to celebrate… I was so excited to get puppy loves…

Natalie set out a Pinterest worthy Picnic Spread…

Yaron and I

We watched the sun sink into the ocean, turning the clear sky from orange, to pink to purple.

Sox even organised candles with my age… Funny how the “21” turned into “33.” Bizarre. 😛

Pic from Natalie
Pic from Angel

Angel, Maria, Nats and I 

Thank you so much for the beautiful wishes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I’ve never felt more special and I read each and every one! Thank you again!

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