Bailey’s Best: Shower Gels

I love a good bath, but when I bath it’s more of a relaxation session with candles and wine. It’s not something I can do every day, sadly.

I’m a shower girl and all I need for a good shower is great water pressure and these shower gels.

Over time I have tried different kinds and I can now share my absolute favourites with you in an authentic, unsponsored post (but hey, if you read this and feel like stocking me up… I’ll love you forever and ever.)

Nivea Free Time: This has Star fruit and Aloe Vera. I first experienced it in Zanzibar and it’s become a nostalgic shower gel, taking me straight back to that wonderful trip I experienced. The smell is fruity and delicious and leaves your skin smelling the same.

I finished mine the other morning before I had the chance to photograph it, so this image is taken from google.

Nivea Coconut: This is new on the market and I just had to try it. Besides Vanilla, coconut is my other absolute favourite scent. This shower gel has Jojoba oil and coconut water so the coconut smell is light, but lovely.

The Bodyshop Coconut Shower Gel: I am obsessed. I’m obsessed with their whole coconut range in fact. This makes me feel like I’m on a tropical island and I always team it up with the Coconut Body Milk once I’m out the shower. If you want a deep coconut smell this one is for you.

Mio Exhilarating Shower Gel: The peppermint smell is a real wake-me-up and my skin always feels revived. This is particularly excellent on the days I need a boost and on days that I’m really tired and having to drag my butt to the shower.

Kiehls Body Polish: Goodbye dead skin cells and newly polished skin that smells delicious. I don’t use this daily, but it’s fantastic once a week to give my skin a new glow.

I’m a sucker for beauty products and love to try and test them all… what are you using and loving?

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