Bailey’s Best: Colour Lipbalms

Over the years I have tried several lip balms to get soft, kissable lips. Winter always dries my lips out, no matter how much water I drink.

Whilst I have my favourite lip balms (another post about those soon), I love a lip balm that has a hint of colour too. If I don’t feel like wearing a full lipstick or gloss, but still want soft lips with a touch of colour, these are my go-to’s.

I’d also like to mention that this is a completely authentic post and not sponsored by any of these products.

First off, I am loving this Lip Scrub by Lush. They have various flavours like Popcorn and Bubblegum. I have the Mint Julips which tastes like the peppermint crisp chocolate. You simply apply a little to your lips, scrub and buff them to softness and then lick off the excess. Yum.

Baby Lips by Maybelline. This is Pink Punch. It smells as sweet as punch, glides on really softly and adds a soft Barbie pink.

Essence Glow tinted lip balm is thin and petite so it’s great for pockets. It is very moisturising, glides on like butter and has that sexy slick of colour that makes you look like you’ve been licking a cherry lolly. This colour is called Light Up.

I love the Labello Fruity Shine in Strawberry. If you want a much deeper red colour, go for the Cherry. This keeps my lips moisturised, also has that buttery feel when I apply and a pretty light reddish/pink colour. I also love it’s strawberry smell and makes me think of Summer no matter the season.

I found this brand, APIVITA in Greece. It’s made from organic beeswax, organic olive oil and organic shea butter, in fact all it’s ingredients are natural. It’s also Paraben, silicone and mineral-oil free. I bought the Pomegranate one for it’s pretty smell and subtle pink colour. It glides on like normal lip balm and isn’t as soft.  It’s definitely not a dark colouring lip balm, but it makes your lips look like they’re naturally kissably pink.

Blistex Lip Brilliance has a fruity smell to it, is wonderfully moisturising and has a deep pinkish colour. I always get asked what lipstick I’m wearing – it’s definitely complimented a lot.

What is your favourite coloured lip balm?

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