2 Different Moses Baskets

Babies always look angelic when they sleep, but being in a Moses Basket just makes them look even more adorable.

In the beginning,  your baby will usually sleep in the same room as you and while some parents might fit a cot into their room, the reality is there probably just isn’t space. Having a Moses Basket however, makes it easy to have baby in your room, which is great for when you’re getting up several times a night to feed.

A Moses Basket is recommended for newborn babies up to 6 months old. It’s for babies who cannot sit up, roll or push onto their hands and knees unaided.

I absolutely love how Moses Baskets aren’t eye sores anymore. They’re not only functional, but beautiful to look at, cleverly designed and have an aesthetic that can add to your decor.

There are 2 types of Moses Baskets that I adore and they have very different aesthetics from each other, which is why I want to share them with you.

Babes & Kids Woven Moses Basket:

Babes & Kids have beautiful woven Moses Baskets. Each basket is one of a kind, woven by Malawian artisan weavers so you’ll never find another exactly like the one you own. These handmade Moses baskets are made using sustainably sourced dried Ilala palm leaves and are handwoven with love for your little one. 

The baskets come with a delux, breathable foam moses basket mattress that is 5cm in depth and is fully ventilated. These mattresses are machine washable and can be tumble dried at a low heat.

Mine rests on a Birch Folding Stand, which comes separately. Birch Plywood is the wood of choice, as it is known for its durability and will not warp or splinter like other woods, like pine. It also has  a warm rich sheen that gives the end product an elegant finish. When it’s not in use the stand can be folded flat and stored and it can be transported with ease. 

Purchase yours here:

Tommee Tippee’s Sleepee Basket:

This is a new product from Tommee Tippee, which was launched this month (February 2020.) This Moses Basket is made from fully recyclable plastic, and the mattresses are made from 50% recyclable materials. It has a modern design and is portable with a rockable stand. You can gently rock the stand to get your little one to sleep and when all is quiet, the stand comes with safety stops, giving you the option to move it into the static position. Smart.

The Sleepee basket comes complete with water-resistant mattress and 100 % cotton liner.

It has over 300 air holes along the side and base allowing maximum airflow to help regulate baby’s temperature and allow breathability.

The Sleepee Basket is really easy to clean too, as you can just wipe it down and the water-resistant mattress cover is machine washable.

There is no noise or rustles to disturb baby if you need to move them.

They come in 3 colours: Classic Grey, Mint Green or Gentle Pink.

Sleepee Baskets retail for R2299 including the stand or as a standalone for R1899 and you can purchase them in selected Baby City stores or online from

Sleepee Baskets will be available in  from the 24th February as well as available from selected indies and online from Takealot.

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